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a device that delivers an electric current as the result of a chemical reaction

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Photoelectric smoke detectors contain a light source and a light-sensitive electric cell.
Photoelectric smoke alarms contain a light source and a light-sensitive electric cell.
Sampson's invention of an electric cell that converted gamma rays directly into electricity, which laid the groundwork for the development of the cellular phone.
Stay-powerful™ Technology, the core innovation behind Day4 DNA™, is a process that revolutionizes the collection of power solar electric cells generate and how they are interconnected within a module.
These vehicles are called hybrid-electric vehicles where electric cells are used to power electric engines, along with an internal combustion engine.
Obama toured a research lab at MIT to see ongoing experiments on solar, battery, wind and LED lighting that included an experimental rooftop solar collector that concentrates sunlight on solar electric cells to increase their output.
These products store electric energy in the form of battery electric cells, which can leak chemical solutions if not sealed properly.
The electric cells (SEPAM and PECA type), connected to the power consumers (6.
Classrooms will be improved and extended and the new building will have solar panels, a wind power generator, rainwater recycling and photo electric cells.
Although the nickel-hydrogen batteries are installed in the HEV's made by both Toyota and Honda, the number of the installed electric cells differ depending on the type of HEV used.