electric car

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a car that is powered by electricity

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At first glance, new electric cars may seem expensive, but a Government scheme allows you 25% off the cost up to a maximum of PS5,000.
Electric car drivers are to get parking privileges, permission to use bus lanes and special transit access.
ELECTRIC: Nissan Leaf the best-selling electric car
He dismisses critics who say electric cars are too expensive.
For example, the UK is set to phase out its electric car subsidy after finding it was doing little to help the environment and was instead allowing wealthy families to buy a cheaper second car.
At $30,000, a GM-made electric car with a 200-mile range would represent good value compared to the Nissan Leaf, which is priced from $28,800 but can manage just 75 miles before needing a lengthy recharge.
If we don't create the right environment for electric car technology, the Germans, Koreans and Chinese will walk all over us.
For the world's most popular electric car, the Nissan Leaf, this exemption is worth the equivalent of $82,500.
But with lower price electric models on the way, the hope is that more drivers will feel an electric car is within their reach.
In the framework of the electric car project, individuals and legal persons are eligible for up to 18,000 euros of support for the purchase, made possible by KredEx.
The Minister explained the State is to secure road infrastructure to the Lovech plant since it is a class A investment while a work group of experts from different ministries is discussing a package of incentives for the electric car industry and their use by consumers such as exemptions from the Value Added Tax (VAT) for the purchase of electric cars, elimination of registration fees, traffic and parking privileges.
Summary: British Gas is to supply vehicle charging points for Nissan's Leaf electric car in car parks and on residential premises.
However, the amount of carbon dioxide created to generate the electricity powering an electric car can be just as great as that created by the internal combustion engine, reports the Daily Mail.
The really encouraging thing about the electric car is that these are still its early days.