electric burn

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a burn caused by heat produced by an electric current

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Yet poor awareness about immediate response particularly in case of electric burns and other regular cases of burning adds to our difficulty in efforts to protect victims against avoidable complications," he said.
A catheter then delivers an electric burn that destroys the track without affecting the heart.
An electric burn is possible if the distance between the metal cap and the contact point is sustained at about 1/8-inch away from the metal cap.
At present Ward No 3 is catering for needs of 15 kids who had electric burns, contact burns and other types of burns though they should have been treated at the burn unit.
The party's page also claimed that El-Gendy's medical report showed evidence of a wire around his neck, electric burns on his tongue, three broken ribs, burns from a hot iron on his back and abdomen and evidence of him being hit with sharp tools on his face, head, abdomen, back and legs.