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a blanket containing and electric heating element that can be controlled to the desired temperature by a rheostat

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A former professional footballer, who played in the same team as England striker Tom Finney, died after his electric blanket caught fire, an inquest was told.
And for women who use electric blankets over 20 years or more, the risk increases by 36 per cent.
Due to the heat being given off, Ms Davies got out of bed and switched off the electric blanket and pulled out the plug, because there was smoke damage to it.
Just 40 per cent of electric blankets (148 of a total of 370) passed the tests.
The electric blankets were sold under the model names Controlled Comfort, EH 2000, Starbright, Staywarm, Supreme 21, and Warm Comfort, and had serial numbers A001A to C210C.
She said: "We make about 200 specialist electric blankets to order per year.
No such seasonal variations were seen among those who did not use heated waterbeds or electric blankets.
The Blanket With A Brain(R) also heats up much faster than conventional thermostatically controlled electric blankets and no pre-heat is required.
Faulty electric blankets are at best dangerous and could easily lead to major fires and even death.
On Monday October 7 and Tuesday October 8 Age UK Coventry is holding free electric blanket testing for older people at our High Street office in Cathedral Lanes shopping centre, from 9am to 4.
Jimmy Power, the council's business and consumer protection manager, said: "As soon as the colder weather arrives, out come the electric blankets that have been stored away and switched back on without a check to see if the wires are still intact.
A TEAM of safety experts have helped a record number of people stay warm and secure this winter, thanks to their electric blanket checks.
Electric blanket checklist More than 5e000 house fires are caused by damaged electric blankets every year.
TEESSIDERS are being urged to trade in their old electric blankets as part of a safety scheme by the fire brigade.
ALMOST half the electric blankets tested on Anglesey were found to be unsafe.