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The main factor for EAFs causing power quality problems is the nonlinear characteristics and the time varying characteristics of the electric arc furnace loads [7].
Keywords: Electric arc furnace dust, Sulphuric acid, Leaching, Sustainable environment, Zn recovery.
suit for protection against electric arc for the needs of "Chukotenergo" (JSC "Chukotenergo") Closing date:26/03/2015
Republic Steel, a provider of special bar quality steel, has started hot commissioning of its new electric arc furnace in Lorain.
At the new electrical steel works, Siemens is projecting and delivering the mechanical and electrical equipment for a new electric arc furnace with a tapping weight of 110 tons, a 110-ton ladle furnace, a vacuum degassing plant and the alloying and additive systems.
The process produces electric arc furnace dust (EAFD), a hazardous material containing lead and cadmium.
The company said the electric arc furnace with the COSS system was developed by Fuchs Technology of Germany.
Outotec (Helsinki:OTE1V), which is engaged in minerals processing and metallurgical technologies, declared on 4 May that it has entered into an agreement with Finland-based Real Time Systems Oy to cooperation in the development of a new-generation measuring and regulating system for electric arc furnaces, which are used by steel mills in the production of steel from steel scrap.
The company, which will employ 43 people, will process electric arc furnace dust from the Nucor Hickman and Nucor Yamato steel plants in Mississippi County, converting it into marketable products used primarily in the metals industry.
A EUROPEAN Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) US$85 million loan to ISTIL Ukraine, will help the Ukraine's only modern mini-steel mill using an electric arc furnace and continuous casting technology to raise Euro 3 million in Kyoto Protocol carbon credit sales.
Abstract: Electric arc furnaces (EAFs) are commonly used in steelmaking and in smelting of nonferrous metals.
Whether they join the consolidation craze or focus on niche markets, many of the electric arc furnace operations in the United States are facing growing pressure from consolidators.
Each of the six ladles of steel was melted in a single, 95-ton electric arc furnace and then subsequently treated and kept hot in rotation in either the vacuum arc degassing unit or the similar vacuum oxygen decarburization unit," Marston said.
Even though much of Chinas steel is produced with blast furnaces, rather than 100-percent-scrap-consuming electric arc furnaces, raw materials buyers representing Chinas mills have spanned the globe this decade seeking melting units whether iron ore, pig iron or scrap for their new furnaces.
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