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Synonyms for electric



  • electric-powered
  • powered
  • cordless
  • battery-operated
  • electrically-charged
  • mains-operated

Synonyms for electric

a car that is powered by electricity

using or providing or producing or transmitting or operated by electricity


(of a situation) exceptionally tense

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affected by emotion as if by electricity

References in classic literature ?
What remained to be done was to construct such a machine and find out how the electric current could best be brought into harness.
He was a third-generation specialist in the nature of speech, and he knew that for the transmission of spoken words there must be "a pulsatory action of the electric current which is the exact equivalent of the aerial impulses.
At ten minutes to eleven in the evening, the electric light reappeared three miles to windward of the frigate, as pure, as intense as during the preceding night.
The electric light went out suddenly, and two enormous waterspouts broke over the bridge of the frigate, rushing like a torrent from stem to stern, overthrowing men, and breaking the lashings of the spars.
As to setting about it, the usual method is to throw some susceptible person into a trance, which serves as a sort of bridge or cord of communication, by which the force beyond can give him, as it were, an electric shock, and awaken his higher senses.
The electric light was on, as it generally was by day, and under it stood as formidable a figure as ever I encountered in my life of crime.
Only the electric light remained, a milestone on the path of the great human adventure.
His great discovery, which died with him, was control over the direction and scope of the electric discharge.
Dawn was breaking through the windows and dimming the electric lights.
Barbicane had regulated his chronometer to the tenth part of a second by that of Murchison the engineer, who was charged with the duty of firing the gun by means of an electric spark.
At forty- seven minutes past ten Murchison will launch the electric spark on the wire which communicates with the charge of the Columbiad.
The electric organs of fishes offer another case of special difficulty; it is impossible to conceive by what steps these wondrous organs have been produced; but, as Owen and others have remarked, their intimate structure closely resembles that of common muscle; and as it has lately been shown that Rays have an organ closely analogous to the electric apparatus, and yet do not, as Matteuchi asserts, discharge any electricity, we must own that we are far too ignorant to argue that no transition of any kind is possible.
During his walk a violent chattering of teeth in a glass case on the sidewalk seemed at first to draw his attention (with a qualm), to a restaurant before which it was set; but a second glance revealed the electric letters of a dentist's sign high above the next door.
Fentolin, in a black cape and black skull cap, sat a little forward in his electric carriage, with his hand upon the guiding lever.
It was that handy invention, the electric torch, fitted by Raffles with a dark hood to fulfil the functions of a slide.