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the body of enfranchised citizens

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Identifying good and bad electorates and grading them can be an interesting exercise.
The ACT Legislative Assembly currently consists of 17 Members elected in 3 electorates, with 7 Members representing the electorate of Molonglo and 5 Members representing each of the electorates of Brindabella and Ginninderra.
One can hardly claim that it is because there are several reasons that caused the electorate to vote in favor of the constitution, and all of them a sign of appreciation for the military regime.
The Supreme Court of Pakistan late last month ordered the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to review the electorates of Karachi, the country's financial capital and carry out delimitation of the constituencies.
Synopsis: Gallup's estimates of the demographic composition of the 2012 electorate are similar to its 2008 estimates, with many changes likely reflecting changes in the larger adult population rather than differential turnout by group this year.
Government has spent millions of pounds advertising seeking all the electorate to use their vote, but do they really mean it?
Even taking the proposed 30 seats for Wales there is a powerful case for at least one more seat to be allocated to North Wales, especially as seats in the North East corner have unduly large electorates at close to 80,000, in two instances in excess of 80,000.
The proposed seven seats out of 30 is well below due proportion and calls for an allocation of at least one more seat to North Wales, especially as seats in the North East corner have unduly large electorates at close to 80,000 and in two instances in excess of 80,000.
Final push of the Budget 2010 postcards, focusing on the electorates of Bennelong (Maxine McKew), Grayndler (Anthony Albanese) and Cunningham (Sharon Bird) as below:
Schaller 2006), it has also brought about major changes in the parties' primary electorates, voters who serve as powerful gatekeepers--and potential kingmakers--on the road to the White House.
When it comes to elections, the sheer number of conflicting reasons, opinions, political allegiances and local events turns electorates into tongue-lolling bundles of crazy.
The British and Danish euroskeptic vision of a Europe of nation states--moving together at different speeds, opting out of those parts of the project that do not command popular support among their electorates, and giving up sovereignty on some areas, such as the environment, where pan-European action is clearly desirable-would be far closer to being realized.
As usual, the key is the independent swing vote, now the fastest growing and most volatile of the electorates.
In the West, two social systems contend for sovereignty: national electorates and international markets.
This program was nothing more than a pork barrelling exercise as 80 per cent of the non-recommended projects were Labor or Labor-aligned electorates approved by the then Minister, Brendan O Connor, Mr Andrews said.