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the body of enfranchised citizens

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By the same calculation Labour were rejected by about 79 per cent of the electorate, having achieved just under 21 per cent of the vote.
The decision of the British electorate on May 7 to keep the Conservative government in power may grate with many people who regard the Conservatives as a nasty privileged party of ruthless upper class toffs, but it will enable them to finish the job of steering the economy from chaos to prosperity.
You are a thinking electorate, an open-minded electorate, an electorate that refuses to be taken for a ride.
An online questionnaire was conducted some years ago, in which the outcome was very close, and only a small minority of the electorate participated.
The ACT Legislative Assembly currently consists of 17 Members elected in 3 electorates, with 7 Members representing the electorate of Molonglo and 5 Members representing each of the electorates of Brindabella and Ginninderra.
How the three main parties failed to see the aftermath of feeling from the electorate in England following the 'VOW' to devolve more power to Holyrood is no surprise as with the flippant attitude from party leaders to a Scottish referendum that had been running for two years it was only in the last week that they realised the rising feelings of disenfranchisement from Westminster that they made their "of the cuff " promises.
Summary: Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk launched preparations Wednesday for parliamentary elections due to take place in November, and issued a decree inviting the electorate to participate in the upcoming polls.
A third of the electorate who bother to vote keep re-electing the same people/party again and again.
For a state like Kerala where population growth is slowly reaching a plateau, seniors make up the vast majority of the electorate.
b L t t t M Labour can expect a good old hammering at the polls for letting the electorate down.
One can hardly claim that it is because there are several reasons that caused the electorate to vote in favor of the constitution, and all of them a sign of appreciation for the military regime.
05 percent of the electorate as compared to that of the elections of the December 2012 dissolved assembly, at a rate of 9,342 males and 7,804 females.
Nazir Bhatti argued that founder of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah had allocated separate electorate for minorities in his 14-points to ensure support of Christians in independence of Pakistan.
3, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- With the November 6 General Election just around the corner, the launch of Electorate.
Synopsis: Gallup's estimates of the demographic composition of the 2012 electorate are similar to its 2008 estimates, with many changes likely reflecting changes in the larger adult population rather than differential turnout by group this year.