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The incumbency, failures and subsequent booting out of the Islamists democratically in Tunisia is the first time that Arab citizens electorally achieved a core principle of established Western democracies -- to "throw the bums out" of office when the incumbents do not deliver on citizen expectations.
Chidambaram announced in Parliament that the Armed Forces will now have OROP, a key poll promise that is expected to please the electorally significant community of veterans.
There is an alternative both economically and electorally.
Rahul Gandhi may use this occasion to woo the minority community in the electorally important Uttar Pradesh.
frames public support for a president as electorally supported with more than 65% of the Electoral College, or electorally challenged under that number.
1990 - As anti-Poll Tax riots erupted in London and following a challenge to her leadership, Margaret Thatcher resigned as Prime Minister - electorally undefeated.
He even went further stating that Cyprus is not essentially a modern state since public benefit bodies still belong to it," Evagorou said, calling on Anastasiades to comment or else leave them "to assume they have electorally fooled people to get their votes".
It is the only future, given the make up of the current Parliament and the sure future for all Parliaments where killing animals just for fun will be even more electorally unpopular.
It could prove a disastrous move electorally and he knows it.
It is not surprising that the SDLP (particularly when it has lost out electorally to Sinn Fein in the last decade) would use the opportunity of the fortieth anniversary of its foundation to highlight the central role that the party played in the Good Friday Agreement and in bringing peace to Northern Ireland.
10 media adviser THERE is no doubt New Labour was electorally very successful and politically it got far more right than it did wrong.
The visit was also electorally signifi-cant as the bakery lies within the Bolton North East constituency which is one of the key seats the Tories must gain at the General Election if they want to secure an overall majority and form the next government.
Today's right-wing led coup of Republican Party Chairman Jim Greer is a telling and unsettling sign about the extreme direction of the Republican Party -- a direction that is narrowing the Party ideologically, demographically and, ultimately, electorally.
Dr Shields said: "This was February 1984, when Le Pen and the Front National were still almost entirely boycotted by the media and electorally insignificant.
An electorally discredited Karzai is the last thing that President Barack Obama and his allies need.