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The reason behind the lower than expected turnout in the high-stakes polls in the country's electorally most significant state was said to be a lack of enthusiasm among voters who are now looking forward to the general elections which are barely a year away.
Two, blissfully PTI is also more inclined to fight battle electorally on same turf and way at which ruling elite is adept particularly, PML (N) i.
14 ( ANI ): As the final phase of Gujarat Assembly elections concluded on Thursday, exit polls have predicted that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will sweep both states electorally.
Moreover, he made clear that Prime Minister Saad Hariri's most recent visits to Beirut and Tripoli did not aim to promote him electorally.
But to do that, Ukip has to stay alive electorally.
He was appointed Governor and Martial Law Administrator of Punjab, the most electorally powerful province in the country by the newly sworn in President Bhutto following the collapse of Yahya Khan's military government.
President Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan pulled the bill minutes before a floor vote on the measure, knowing it had foiled to bridge the gap between the conservatives who want a total repeal of Obamacare and the moderates and electorally vulnerable members who don't want to scrap the law's popular parts or vote for a bill that would result in significant coverage loss for their constituents.
Quoted in The Australian, Stoner said: "It's a great shame a government with an outstanding track record on economic management and infrastructure delivery has gone so hard on an issue of relatively minor import to the state's future, and is now in trouble electorally .
Yet it is his rival Clinton, already reeling electorally since her collapse with pneumonia, who suffers most when she is standing on her dignity and Trump poses as the political outsider.
Mr Smith's comments came as a new poll showed that a split in the Labour Party would be electorally disastrous for both sides and a big boost to Theresa May's Conservatives.
If it is only a minority of the population who experience direct contact with candidates and brokers, we cannot exclude that, for a larger and electorally decisive segment of voters, political behaviour follows a logic where patronage considerations are marginal.
While Warren would excite Bernie Sanders' supporters, her home state of Massachusetts is solid Democratic turf and thus electorally uninteresting.
Just as in Assam where the RSS succeeded in weaning away from the Congress its traditional vote banks belonging to the SC/ ST communities that counted for quite a major proportion of the population ( 33 per cent OBCs and 30 per cent SCs and STs) through its welfare projects, the organisation is making similar inroads in these electorally dominant
The Hindu nationalists have been systematically engineering communal riots in India and have benefited electorally from them.