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Rowena Ironside and Barbara Moldenhauer have been appointed to the Constitution Group, which oversees projects relating to the electoral system, the online Register to Vote service and the Modern Electoral Registration Programme.
The OSCE/ODIHR Needs Assessment Mission inquired about the Azerbaijani electoral system, the principles of activity of the election commission, and preparation for the election scheduled for April 11.
However, the CPNMaoist Centre that strongly backed the UML over majority electoral system kept mum over the electoral system.
He expressed satisfaction that the electoral system of the country has entered into a modern era.
The president expressed satisfaction that the electoral system has entered a modern era.
The participants received first-hand information related to electoral legislation, the election administration, the findings of the domestic and international observation missions, and recommendations to improve the electoral system.
If we provide good electoral system to Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) then it would be able to hold more free, fair and transparent elections in the country," he added.
That after further public consultation, the committee shall formulate a plebiscite question on PEI's voting system, and the question shall be in two parts, the first to gauge Islanders' interest in changing PEI's electoral system, and the second to indicate their preferred system among several options;
In the meantime, Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera, while addressing a news conference yesterday at Sirikotha said that the Cabinet of Ministers had unanimously approved proposals by President Maithripala Sirisena to scrap the executive presidency and also introduce a new electoral system based on a combination of the first-past-the-post and proportional representation systems.
A similar pattern emerges in the UK, where there have only been two national referendums--on membership of the European Communities in 1975 and on the electoral system in 2011.
Electoral system is a critical institution for effective democratic organization.
In Mestan's words this could bring about the prospect of a mixed electoral system which might put an end to coalitions and, possibly, bring about "totalitarianism".
Most voters are aware that the current electoral system is an unjust and undemocratic one, especially because of the 10 percent threshold for a party to get into Parliament.
He outlined the electoral system in Kyrgyzstan, and said that Kyrgyzstan is the first country with parliamentary system in Central Asia.
Both groups have launched campaigns against the "stolen public mandate" in last year's general elections and are calling for a massive shakeup of the country's existing electoral system to promote "true democracy.