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Synonyms for delivery

Synonyms for delivery

the act of delivering or the condition of being delivered

extrication from danger or confinement

Synonyms for delivery

the event of giving birth

the voluntary transfer of something (title or possession) from one party to another

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Still, many expectant mothers may not be aware of the significant health issues associated with early elective delivery or elective C-sections, Armstrong says.
Is elective delivery at 37 weeks' gestation safe in uncomplicated twin pregnancies?
Leapfrog has posted early elective delivery rates of 773 hospitals on a new web page www.
1) It is reasonable, therefore, to consider elective delivery of uncomplicated twin pregnancies prior to 39 weeks' gestation, when elective delivery of singleton pregnancies becomes an option.
The survey of 757 hospitals found that 39% of reporting hospitals had early elective delivery rates of 5% or less in 2011, compared with 30% the previous year.
In Ohio, for example, early elective delivery rates ranged from 0.
Members can see the designation Elective Delivery Infant Safety Program in our DocFind([R]) online provider directory.
The study findings are concerning, because fetal lung maturity is known to reduce the risk of respiratory morbidity, and confirmation of fetal lung maturity is "a recognized exception to longstanding recommendations against elective delivery before 39 weeks' gestation," Dr.
There is no national benchmark for an acceptable rate of early elective delivery, so Leapfrog tapped an expert panel to say that 12% or fewer would be acceptable.
Survey results reveal that many women believe a full-term pregnancy is reached before 37 weeks and that an elective delivery does not require waiting until 39 weeks' gestation.
When it comes to elective delivery, no one would argue against the wisdom of continuing pregnancy until at least 39 weeks' gestation in the absence of complications.
Based on these observations, many obstetricians routinely offer elective delivery to women who have reached 41 weeks' gestation but have not begun spontaneous labor.