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a course that the student can select from among alternatives

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The program of elective courses for pupils of these schools is prepared by the teachers of the Borovichi Agro-Industrial College and the Staro-Russian Agrotechnical College.
In 2014, the board did not think that was a good idea, rejecting a proposal for an official Mexican-American studies elective course.
Keywords: sports economics, undergraduate education, elective course offerings
Missing elective course grades reported incorrectly on the e-okul system means that those grades were also not included on the school reports of the eighth grade students.
BEIRUT: Russian will be introduced as an elective course in intermediate- and high school-level grades next year, the country's education minister has said.
The book could be used in an advanced undergraduate technical elective course or in graduate engineering courses.
With the top elective course electives are most important.
The elective course is to explore the social and political issues surrounding gay marriage, without advocating for either side.
Joseph's University, Philadelphia, PA, has introduced a new elective course and seminar in Global Chemical Regulations and Compliance Management for the Fall 2010 semester.
Besides, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov said that he would propose to include an elective course on chess into a school curriculum.
LONDON, Jan 13, 2010 (TUR) -- Turkish Education Minister Nimet Cubukcu has asked British Education Secretary Ed Balls not to cut hours of an elective course on Turkish language in schools in Britain.
A student has many elective courses and he can decide that he will not cho= ose an elective course by a lecturer who is on the list,=94 Kuritni added.
To the Editor: In my senior year of college, in 1967, I took an elective course called "Direct Energy Conversion" where fuel cells were featured.
This book can be used as a text for a one-semester senior engineering elective course, for a graduate-level course in engineering tribology, and as a reference for practicing engineers and machine designers.
Mentoring in the neighborhood could be made into an elective course at Morehouse.