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Synonyms for elective

not compulsory or automatic

Synonyms for elective

a course that the student can select from among alternatives

subject to popular election

not compulsory

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However, the indications for an elective CS at or near term remain controversial and vary widely.
They suggest that the 39 weeks optimal elective CS timing for whites should be reduced to 38 weeks for South Asian and black women to strike an optimal balance between elective procedures being switched perforce to emergencies and the prevalence of RDS in their offspring.
If these requirements are met, the plan is deemed to satisfy the nondiscrimination test for the employee's elective deferral contributions (i.
When considering elective surgery, patients should ask their physician and surgeon to help weigh the risks and benefits.
The curriculum includes documentation; HIPAA terminology and the HHS Clarification of the Standards; and an elective to better understand the implications of HIPAA on either home care, medical practice or insurers.
Obstetric "conveniences": elective induction of labor, cesarean birth on demand, and other potentially unnecessary interventions.
The Contracting, Industrial and/or Contract Property Management, and Purchasing career fields have an elective requirement for all three levels of certification.
The authors compared waiting times for elective surgery of patients living in low and high socio-economic areas.
In addition," Jarrell says, "we recommend that every staff member take two electives each year.
To require elective surgery, with all of its inherent risks, when there's a more natural way doesn't make sense.
Nineteen per cent of the non-elective operations were transferred from other hospitals, while 38 per cent were elective.
Contributions made at the employee's election are called elective deferrals.
The final regulations also modify the existing 1988 regulations by liberalizing elective transfer provisions in respect of mergers and acquisitions.
Increase the elective withholding rate from 10 percent to 15 percent for non-periodic distributions from deferred compensation plans.