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Synonyms for elective

not compulsory or automatic

Synonyms for elective

a course that the student can select from among alternatives

subject to popular election

not compulsory

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Each year ACT Health completes more elective surgeries, with 12,826 patients receiving elective surgery in 2016-17, well over the target of 12,500.
12,13] The studies compared the outcome of elective procedures performed during the week with those performed over the weekend.
The proposed measure would require candidates to submit sworn statements to the city election officer of having no relative currently occupying an elective position in the local government.
3-6 As a result, after successful endoscopic detorsion, elective sigmoid resection with primary anastomosis, particularly via a laparoscopic approach, is recommended in select patients.
One staff member told the Birmingham Post: "How can you run a maternity service without elective caesarean sections?
Thanks to the vision of the NMDHB and local specialists over 20 years ago, Churchill Private Hospital is now firmly established as a provider of private elective surgery in Marlborough--and the benefits to our local population are significant.
The time required for surgery was noted from skin incision to skin incision in urgent group and from time of insertion of umbilical port to removal of all the ports with skin closure in early elective group.
Among 82 hospitals that reported data in 2014, the rate of early elective deliveries was more than 10%.
Mr George said: "It is entirely unacceptable for elective operations to be cancelled due to so-called 'winter pressures.
In 15 of the 28 states, some QHPs cover elective abortions, and in five of the states -- Connecticut, Hawaii, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Vermont -- all QHPs based in those states cover elective abortions.
BEIRUT: Russian will be introduced as an elective course in intermediate- and high school-level grades next year, the country's education minister has said.
Although I usually do not appreciate hospital intrusion into my practice of medicine, I welcome the policy of requiring a gestational age of at least 39 weeks for elective induction.
Stating that Turkish has become a language that provides job opportunities in the Balkan and Middle Eastern countries, Bilkan further stated that elective courses offering Turkish language education may be included in official education curricula in Tunisia, Egypt, Albania and Jordan within a few years.
ERIC Descriptors: Foreign Countries; Graduate Medical Education; Elective Courses; Curriculum; Standards
On 13 February 2011 Australia's First Ministers signed the National Partnership Agreement on Improving Public Hospital Services to improve public patient access to elective surgery, emergency departments and subacute care services by improving efficiency and capacity in public hospitals.