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The candidates were convincing the voters and running their electioneering campaign with promises of solution of their problems after victory in LB polls.
Political empowerment expert Dalal Al-Zayed said that extensive meetings held with woman-candidates continue until mid-September, which focus on various aspects of electioneering campaign, including developing an election plan for each candidate in terms of language, content and compliance with laws in order to ensure proper form and compilation.
At the time the suit was filed, the IRS maintained it was not ignoring complaints of electioneering, but had failed to hire an official to investigate church politicking, which it had been ordered to do in 2009 as the result of another lawsuit.
Separate expenditure would be put for constructing helipads during electioneering.
No one is allowed to rent a place for electioneering tent before the issuance of the Amiri decree setting the date of the election and electioneering campaign," he said.
A federal law curbing electioneering by houses of worship and other nonprofits does not need to be altered, Americans United has told a panel investigating the issue.
This is blatant electioneering of the worst kind and I trust the people of the Vale will see right through it.
IRLI has determined that the organization has egregiously violated its tax exempt status by engaging in electioneering, political and campaign activities.
I have contacted the chief executive so he can explain what is going on in the authority, why budget announcements are being made by non-executive councillors, why announcements are being made during the consultation period and why the authority is carrying out political electioneering at the hands of taxpayer-funded council staff.
During numerous meetings of the Election Commission to address concerns over electioneering that poll observers witnessed during the 2010 primary election, it became perfectly clear to me that there are two ideologically opposed groups at work within our city and our commonwealth.
IS IT ILLEGAL electioneering to wear a T-shirt advertising the Tea Party movement?
The secretary-general of the Istiqlal Party reiterated the condemnation by all political parties of the actions of the Spanish Popular Party, which exploits the case for electioneering and politicking purposes, stressing the mobilization of Moroccan political parties to defend the Kingdom's territorial integrity and immutable values.
Rather than a how-to manual for managing a campaign, the book offers a rational reconstruction for the logic of electioneering itself.
The bank said that it 'does not spend corporate funds directly on electioneering communications.
Most councils have now outlawed the use of such electioneering methods and it is high time Kirklees did the same.