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one of several districts into which a city or town is divided for voting

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331) Incumbency (previous terms in VNA) Centrally nominated (dummy) GDP per capita (natural log) Central transfers/local revenue Province level FE No No Election district FE No No Constant -4.
Comparing with the least-populated districts, the majority of Justices in this case held that the 5 to 1 ratio of voters per delegate in the first election district of Chiba Prefecture violated the principles of equality under the law, unless otherwise justified by rational election policy.
168) One would imagine that such a scenario would be uncommon, because it would be premised on a rather large concentration of incarcerated individuals from a single election district that is currently just below the 50% minority population threshold.
69) </pre> <p>Jack's first job, like that of so many other West Indian immigrant members of the New York Democratic Party, consisted of collecting signatures on voting petitions and other menial jobs, but he quickly worked his way up to captain of his Election District, an impressive position for an African American man in the Depression era.
The claim by lobbyists about the cost advantages of a DRE is that they would cost "roughly $7,500 an election district.
Ishenbai Kadyrbekov offers to divide one election district into 9 areas (7 regions of the country, the cities of Bishkek and Osh), and to elect the MPs on the basis of a preferential system, which allows to vote not only for a list of candidates from a party, but also for each candidate individually.
GERRYMANDERING In the process of redistricting--the redrawing of election district lines every 10 years based on the most recent census results--state officials often try to help incumbents win re-election by packing in as many members of the incumbents' party as possible.
If the opposition returns the mandates, then elections will be declared in every election district," says Subhi Jakupi, vice president of the State Election Commission.
The clerk said the city hopes to be able to submit a compliant map to the Local Election District Review Commission some time next month.
These are important factors, but they have not been tested empirically at the level where candidates won and lost legislative seats, the level of the election district.
This is the group who in response to a standard poll question say they are "registered to vote in their precinct or election district.
But Poston uncovered evidence that Jones had promised to pay each of his district captains fifty dollars for every election district the Democrats carried.
Hunt involved an election district in North Carolina that was very long and narrow and had an African-American majority.