election day

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the day appointed for an election


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The law permits the early opening of a polling site in each community 10 days before Election Day, but leaves it up to cities and towns whether to open the polling site on weekends before election day.
To ensure foolproof security on Election Day, heavy contingent of Elite forces has been sought which would be deployed on all entry and exit points to avert any untoward incident.
Election: Voters stand in line before the sun rises to cast their votes at a polling precinct on election day.
Obama's Tuesday agenda, however, includes a pick-up basketball game in Chicago, which has become something of an Election Day tradition for the incumbent.
com/2012/11/california-tortilla-predicts-the-2012-presidential-election/) giving free tacos to anyone wearing an "I Voted" sticker on Election Day.
Away from the county of residence on Election Day and during the early voting period;
The strategy aims to free up campaign workers and volunteers on election day to focus on a smaller number of potential supporters and make sure they get to the polls.
Campaign Announces Media Credentialing Details For Election Day Events
ELECTION DAY And sowe close in on May The stage set for a political play The hustings cleared, speeches written Parliament prepares, the countrywill listen The party faithful are on the streets Pressed rosettes, pristine pamphlets Of anonymous faces, vying for our attention It can only be.
The official results of Bulgaria's June 7 European Parliament elections will be announced after election day is over in all other EU countries holding their MEP elections on the same date.
Significant reform developments also occurred, particularly unprecedented levels of early voting and the adoption of Election Day registration by Iowa and Montana.
For someone with low vision, Election Day entails more than deciding who to cast your ballot for.
6 points, and that the gap narrows more often than it expands as Election Day draws near.
Celebrating democracy; the mass-mediated ritual of election day.