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official who won the office in a free election

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Facebook announced Wednesday it is rolling out several tools to the social media site to help elected officials better connect with their constituents and to learn more about them.
What you have to say about public policy matters to elected officials.
The laws and regulations that implement Section 2(4), Article IX-B of the 1987 Constitution, which prohibits civil service officers and employees from engaging, directly or indirectly, in partisan political activities or any form of electioneering, apply only to appointed officials and not to elected officials.
Texas lawmakers considered legislation Monday that could bar several elected officials from holding their posts in the future, including a moderate member of the ideologically divided State Board of Education.
One of the purposes of elected officials, whether Democrats, Republicans, or independents, is to find ways to save taxpayer dollars, not to create unnecessary spending.
Local elected officials have a clear role in economic development, which is distinct from the role of economic development officials and staff.
Duane, who campaigned as an HIV-positive person, is the nation's first such elected official as well.
Stephanie Vance is aware of what most people think motivates elected officials, but they are only partially right, the former congressional staff member says.
Thirdly, ask the elected official for his/her support.
An employee or elected official who started work before July 1, 2006, pays 20 percent of that cost, while anyone hired or elected after that date pays 25 percent.
Not every elected official will serve out the full 12 years allotted under the new limit.
Other gay elected officials who are in the closet should aim to do the same.
For example, in one community, a local elected official who had previously worked in the information technology industry assists his economic development team by building trust and communicating with existing and potential technology firms to identify what they need to expand their businesses in the city.
It will result in limited power for the elected official in states that have term limits," Lynch says.
The defeat of Wilson Goode leaves us without a city-wide black elected official and we'd be out of City Hall for another 20 years.