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official who won the office in a free election

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In Holden, selectmen's records show that selectmen and the moderator are eligible for town insurance, but only one elected official takes town health insurance.
Additionally, the professionals suggested that elected officials can support economic development by:
ElectedFace encourages every registered voter to join, weigh in on issues that matter, talk to each other and take advantage of direct links to each and every elected official in your area.
Elected officials must sign off on the LWIB plan before it goes to the governor.
He maintains the measure must be rescinded because "black elected officials have been able to acquire and exercise power beyond their numbers based on the security of reelectability.
Whether you're looking for your nearest polling place, information on candidates running for election, or trying to find your elected official, Rhode Island's new eDemocracy Web site ( http://www.
And for newly elected officials, the expectation of public office can be both exciting and overwhelming.
Additionally, on the afternoon of Tuesday, February 24, regional press conferences will take place in each state and territory hosted by a woman elected official who is serving as the NFWL "Heart to Heart" Veterans Team Leader.
We are opposed to the recall of any elected official who has not committed acts of corruption or malfeasance, and is not physically or mentally incapacitated in any way which would preclude him from serving out his term of office.
At least one other elected official, Sunset Valley City Councilman Jeff Burdett, a lobbyist for the Texas Cable Association, could face the same choice.
This is shameful of any elected official currently in Washington.
The presenters noted how each position, that of elected official and of economic development staff, has inherent advantages and disadvantages that should be considered and where appropriate, leveraged.
The compromise often discussed is to establish an alternative commission outside the Legislature to establish district lines and, at the same time, lengthen the term an elected official can serve in one house of the Legislature to 12 years from the current six in the Assembly or eight in the Senate.
1977: Hunter College political science professor Ken Sherrill is New York Cites first openly gay elected official, becoming a Democratic Party district leader.
Whether meeting with a staff member or an elected official, Vance had the following tips for CMRA members listening to her presentation: Know your facts, be positive, be specific and don't turn the meeting into a monolog or long complaint.