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tall coarse Eurasian herb having daisylike yellow flowers with narrow petals whose rhizomatous roots are used medicinally

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You might also try topping the jars with cotton, or absorbent leaves of mullein, elecampane, or similar fuzzy species.
The rhizome and root of sunny Elecampane (Inula belenium) stimulates a productive cough and soothes the respiratory system with its relaxing mucilage.
Examining the garden plot that the Oysterman proudly shows his visitors, Thoreau finds not only the common, everyday "cabbage, broccoli, and parsley," but also "Yellow-Dock, Lemon Balm, Hyssop, Gill-go-over-the-ground, Mouse-ear, Chick-weed, Roman Wormwood, Elecampane, and other plants" springing in abundant variety from the deceivingly barren facade that covers the Cape (78).
Among the more unusual, we have liquorice, white horehound, elecampane, vervain and betony.
These combine well with Mullein, Elecampane, Coltsfoot and Licorice to counteract the side effects of smoking.