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suggesting the operation of supernatural influences

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For a glimpse of the eldritch horrors plaguing Lorwich, watch the gameplay trailer: https://youtu.
The heavier, more industrial sound was much more appropriate on songs like Vision Thing, First And Last And Always and the epic finale of Temple Of Love, where the band could launch into a big, pummelling riff for Eldritch to bellow over the top of.
10-11, 16-19, 23-25 The Laboratory Theater of Florida performs Lanford Wilson's The Rimers of Eldritch.
Chambers's The King in Yellow (1895), the Necronomicon and other eldritch tomes in the tales of H.
ELEANOR Dennison is an established actor who trained at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama before becoming one of the founder members of Eldritch Theatre Company, with whom she toured in the monologue 'The Rape' and in 'The Occultation'.
That's the eldritch protest of envy emanating from Dorries' teen years at Halewood Grange Comp, Liverpool, as Cameron was educated - as a matter of course - at Eton.
A music freak, his latest collection is inspired by Sisters of Mercy's singer Andrew Eldritch, and it is reassuringly almost entirely lacking in color.
But Lady Macbeth also looks to the surrounding night for the presence of a perverted nature within nature, among the eldritch flows of darkness that will cloak and refract the murder of the king, while honing the couple's evil intention:
A deeply moving performance one evening in the space, titled Il Deserto, 2011, and made in collaboration with Greek theater director Theodoros Terzopoulos, contributed bone-chilling immediacy to the eldritch context.
There, as in The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch (1965), after a postapocalyptic "Terra" has become all but inhabitable, recruited settlers use "Perky Pat" layouts to play virtual games of lovemaking with the help of the drug "Can-D" as their only solace to make life bearable.
I wanted to urinate on the trunk of an eldritch pine and yodel like a minstrel.
Leaving the rural moral rot of the citizens of Eldritch, we are now treated to the artfully articulated marital discord of two very unhappy Illinois couples, all old friends who have seen better days and spend a lot of time wallowing in the past or craving a better future, usually with a drink in their hand to ward off the present.
Once an icon of the goth scene, singer Andrew Eldritch has since distanced himself from the genre that made the band and with a shaven head and baggy yellow t-shirt, he was clearly making the point.
On the other hand, Dick's Eldritch and the Absolute Benefactor seem to be more directly involved in the creative act itself.
THE Laundry novels, of which this is the third, follow Bob Howard, who is part of the IT staff at the secret service department which protects Britain from eldritch monsters.