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Synonyms for eldritch

suggesting the operation of supernatural influences

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Clearly the Bowburn Hotel Handicap is some way beneath Saturday's lofty contests, but it nevertheless represents a good opportunity for Eldritch to get back on the winning track.
Just who is this Eldritch, you may ask, and where is his Cupboard?
To figure out how smart glasses have evolved and what the technology means to surgical teams today, Surgical Products connected the co-founders of Vital Enterprises, CEO Ash Eldritch and CMO Dr.
Dick PK (1973) The three stigmata of Palmer Eldritch.
After defeating the forces of darkness, Willa faces new problems, including the rebuilding of Eldritch Manor, a retirement home for supernatural beings.
Chekhov, An Enigmatic Nature, Eldritch Press, 1999.
Lovecraft (who is perhaps best known for his nightmarish depictions of godlike eldritch monstrosities such as Cthulhu).
Rhiannon Graybill, The Eldritch Scroll: Fantasies of the Found Book in Borges, Lovecraft and 2 Kings.
Johannes Cuspinian (1502-1503), with its eldritch backdrop of birds and owls on the wing; of Pieter Brueghel's Hunters in the Snow (1565), with its plunging black crow; of Anthony Van Dyck's Rest on the Flight into Egypt (1630), with its three birds enacting the drama of escape that has been temporarily suspended in the human realm.
Healthy, well-adjusted people do not participate in the dark and eldritch rituals Lovecraft describes.
Led by the enigmatic Goth overlord himself Andrew Eldritch, the 2014 incarnation of the band are a strippeddown three-piece, backed as usual by Doktor Avalanche, the ever-present drum machine.
It's a book that finds Beukes lighting out for territory occupied by the likes of Stephen King, Clive Barker and Neil Gaiman, very different writers nonetheless united in an ability to serve up the nastily eldritch in a way that connects with the mainstream.
the term shabash, which confers an eldritch power on the performance.
Eldritch Priest has perhaps, with Boring, Formless, Nonsense: Experimental Music and the Aesthetics of Failure, written a book that is impossible to review.
10-11, 16-19, 23-25 The Laboratory Theater of Florida performs Lanford Wilson's The Rimers of Eldritch.