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the office of elder

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In this light, it becomes valuable to recognise the ways in which evangelical and Methodist contexts also speak to each other, how both denominations articulate (in different ways) with wider hierarchies of gender, age, and rank, and with wider shifting understandings of chiefly power, eldership, and spiritual authority in Fiji.
During the English Civil War ruling eldership was part of the high presbyterian system pressed upon the parliamentarian side by its military allies the Scottish Covenanters, and also by a majority in the Westminster Assembly of Divines.
De Witt has written, "the powers of congregational elderships, and also the Directory for Excommunication.
Orr plans to resume his eldership at the New Abbey Kirk in Dumfries and spend more time with his family.
President Banda then made a broadcast speech in which he insisted on his eldership in the Church of Scotland and attempted to make the Malawi situation into a Presbyterian-Catholic conflict as in Ulster or Scotland.
By providing elders with a forum to express their learning, experience and wisdom, we hope to renew the role of eldership in our culture.
Thus did Mandela practice the spiritual and political disciplines of justice and reconciliation, from Robben Island to the presidency to global eldership, as he sought to take the nation on the journey he had himself been on.
For Knauft, such institutions as gerontocracy, ritual eldership, priests, big men, etc.
These cultural forces were created to trap young people like myself, positioning in us a can't do philosophy that many carried into adulthood and for too many late eldership.
Examples include the emotional care giving provided by chaplains, confessional priests, or the Russian Orthodox eldership tradition.
He restored eldership and earned respect naturally, and the young men were, in part at least, healed.
He discusses the role that it played in the Waco disaster and the rise of Osama bin Laden; its history among Muslims, Christians, and Jews; its appearance in the New Testament; its motivation; and eldership.
Eldership is a valued African tradition and as long as the elder is doing a good job, it should make no difference whether he has served 5 minutes or 55 years in that capacity.
The other area of convergence developed, surprisingly, out of long and difficult discussions of eldership in the Reformed tradition.
It seems that in the simple world of Eldership, there is a hierarchy that I was not aware existed.