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any influential person whose advice is highly respected

an elderly statesman whose advice is sought be government leaders

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com World Championship - and that snooker's elder statesmen can forget having one last hurrah.
But the curatorial logic really fell apart when it came to the inclusion of the exhibition's two elder statesmen, Terry Winters and Carroll Dunham.
We have grown to join and surpass the elder statesmen who have long clenched on to the title of "first in--last out.
The sons have too much respect for the fathers,' remarks Fatima Fernandes, principal in local firm Cannata & Fernandes, summing up the conservative quality of much Portuguese architecture that tends to always defer to its elder statesmen rather than revolt against them.
It seems that appointing someone smart, vigorous, and determined who'll bang the heads of the sclerotic generals, cabinet secretaries, and elder statesmen who don't have the celerity necessary to pursue this sort of villain is exactly the right thing to do.
But as Hay's death reminded us, many of the elder statesmen and stateswomen from the formative years before Stonewall are gone.
AGE is no barrier for the elder statesmen at Liverpool Swimming Club.
April 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Everything seems to be in place for the elder statesmen of Thoroughbred racing to make their presence felt in the 120th running of the Kentucky Derby, the first jewel in the $5 million Chrysler Triple Crown Challenge, Saturday, May 7.
BLUR Parklive These elder statesmen of Britpop don't do things by halves.
Stevie is the elder statesmen, captain, but playing like a 20-year-old.
The vacant British Middleweight title is up for grabs, as two of the sport's elder statesmen contest the belt.
Elder statesmen Earl Scruggs and Ralph Stanley rub shoulders with the Nickel Creek whippersnappers, while host Ricky Skaggs welcomes current genre maestros (Del McCoury, Alison Krauss and Union Station, prodigal daughter Patty Loveless) and a handful of attuned outsiders (country stars Travis Tritt and Vince Gill, eclectoid Bruce Hornsby) into assorted stage configurations.
APPLES, as his US Tour peers like to call him, has been on the circuit for so long that punters could be forgiven for thinking the Australian is one of golf's elder statesmen.
Arthur Laurents is one of the gay elder statesmen of the American theater.
He found a niche as a Wise Man, the term used by McGeorge Bundy (a bit mockingly) to describe elder statesmen brought in to counsel the Kennedy and Johnson administrations.