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any influential person whose advice is highly respected

an elderly statesman whose advice is sought be government leaders

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The Elder Statesman said under a democratic setting, the powers to change or modify our Constitution is vested in the legislature.
2) This play was The Elder Statesman, which nonetheless put in an isolated appearance in 2008 as a rehearsed reading at the King's Head, Islington, where it was performed by the theater group Primavera, as part of its series of "Forgotten Classics.
Other equally outstanding aspects of Franklin's remarkable life are covered as well, from his rise from humble beginnings to his status as one of Philadelphia's leading citizens, and his service to the US, both as an ambassador and as an elder statesman at the Constitutional Convention.
Meanwhile former MD Geoff Kluman becomes Chairman and is enjoying his role as elder statesman, on hand to offer advice but very much taking a back seat in the business.
The Beeb entrusted commentary to that elder statesman of the microphone John Motson.
Elder statesman and Democrat, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former President, Jimmy Carter approaches the subject with a particularly high level of moral authority.
To be sure, Hart the elder statesman has a fair claim to hand-waving attention--in these ways and others, he was right.
Israel's elder statesman Shimon Peres is leaving the Labour Party after six decades, throwing his support behind Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's new centrist party for March 28 elections.
Johnny Clarke is regarded by many as Jamaica's greatest roots performer, plus Godfather of Rocksteady Alton Ellis is known as reggae's elder statesman.
The leader of Taiwan's opposition Nationalist Party, Lien Chan, is in Singapore on a private visit at the invitation of a state-run think tank named after Singapore's elder statesman Lee Kuan Yew, a Singapore government official said Sunday.
Three former members of the Naval Aviation community received the 2004 Elder Statesman Aviation Award from the National Aeronautic Association.
Both he and an elder statesman projectionist in the room were outraged.
As part of a younger generation of activists in search of mentorship from those who survived the revolution of the 1960s, I found that Richie was often the only elder statesman we could turn to.
Nixon, who died in 1994 at age 81, was something of a pariah after his resignation, but in his later years, assumed the role of elder statesman.