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Synonyms for elbowroom

ease of or space for movement


suitable opportunity to accept or allow something

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We have the elbowroom to undertake the institutional reforms necessary to bring our country to the high-middle income level over the next six years, Dominguez told the IMF-World Bank Board of Governors.
It wasn't just the crowd: most art galleries in capital cities (including London) get short of elbowroom around their prize exhibits.
Here you can catch all the species available in the region with plenty of facilities and elbowroom even on weekends.
Its long 2,710mm wheelbase, its width measuring 1,815mm and its height at 1,525mm provide generous legroom, elbowroom and headroom respectively.
Along with the extra length, the Octavia has gained 39mm of elbowroom up front.
They are capable officers who can uphold the national interest, provided they get the right political elbowroom.
This configuration gives the pianists more elbowroom.
Diplomats need breathing space and elbowroom to meet with locals.
But it did leave a lot of elbowroom for intellectual disagreement, which, as Hannam describes in detail, scholars willingly exploited.
Over the past years, they have undertaken various efforts to limit the elbowroom for non governmental organizations.
Chile also has plenty of elbowroom to borrow at low interest rates from multilateral institutions, which have declared themselves eager to help.
Most years the race starts upstream of the bridge and 200 to 300 canoes attempt to force their way under the bridge to find more elbowroom on the other side.
A Billiard Parlor that is well established for (13) years with (14) tables and plenty of elbowroom.