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Synonyms for elbowroom

ease of or space for movement


suitable opportunity to accept or allow something

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Diplomats need breathing space and elbowroom to meet with locals.
But it did leave a lot of elbowroom for intellectual disagreement, which, as Hannam describes in detail, scholars willingly exploited.
Over the past years, they have undertaken various efforts to limit the elbowroom for non governmental organizations.
Most years the race starts upstream of the bridge and 200 to 300 canoes attempt to force their way under the bridge to find more elbowroom on the other side.
A Billiard Parlor that is well established for (13) years with (14) tables and plenty of elbowroom.
Rising prices have sparked opposition-backed street protests and left the government little elbowroom to push through financial reforms such as easing fuel price controls.
Any earlier, she'd have had to fight for elbowroom.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Takeo Kawamura criticized Hatoyama, saying, ''We don't have the political elbowroom to hold soppy discussions,'' referring to Hatoyama focusing the debate on the ''importance of human lives.
6 cubic feetAuand the cabin has more elbowroom than the neighborhood bar.
Oil prices at US$60 per barrel still provide enough elbowroom for GCC countries to maintain the growth momentum.
We want to give ourselves some elbowroom so we don't have to live hand-to-mouth," said Mr Holmes, who was speaking ahead of the publication today of TMP's annual report.
However, the handicapper has begun to relent and although Cosmopolitan may have been the obvious eyecatcher in this race, Folly Lodge had even less success in her search for elbowroom.
There's plenty of space inside with ample head and elbowroom and, when the back seats aren't in use, an impressive 576 litres of storage space beneath the luggage cover.
You will find enough elbowroom in most Midwest public hunting areas to make for a quality experience.