elbow bone

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the inner and longer of the two bones of the human forearm

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In that case, over time, the point of the elbow bone traumatizes the soft tissue, causing inflammation and leading to the formation of a fluid-filled sac.
The Japanese female passenger in her 50s had a left leg bone broken, while the female crew member suffered a right elbow bone fracture, the airline and the ministry officials said, adding that two other passengers also suffered minor injuries.
My scarred knees - both of them - dislocated ring finger, chipped elbow bone and broken toe bear testament to the fact that I'm also a 'fail' at walking upright.
An inch down below, and it would have hit my elbow bone and probably broken it.
The 10-year-old tabby was flea-ridden,covered in sores,almost bald and with a broken jaw and exposed elbow bone.