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The Negro could scarce restrain a shout of elation, for he had not hoped that fate would be so kind as to throw these two whom he most desired into his power at the same time.
I knew," was Gahan's only comment, but his heart was glad with elation, as a lover's must be who has heard from the lips of his divinity an avowal of interest and loyalty, however little tinged by a suggestion of warmer regard it may be.
With the natural cowardice of the Malay he feared this masterful American who never moved without a brace of guns slung about his hips; and it was at just this psychological moment that the doctor played into the hands of his subordinate, much to the latter's inward elation.
Though not conceived in Caspak, I had indeed come up cor-sva jo--from the beginning I had come up through the hideous horrors of the lower Caspakian spheres of evolution, and I could not but feel something of the elation and pride which had filled To-mar and So-al when they realized that the call had come to them and they were about to rise from the estate of Band-lus to that of Kro-lus.
It was with feelings of the keenest elation that he hastened home to bear the good news to D'Arnot.
With mingled feelings of apprehension and elation he ushered them into the morning-room where Trent was standing looking out of the window with his hands behind him.
Sometimes almost do I know he is telling of joy, of love, of high elation, and combat.
And so he wandered on, alternating between depression and elation as he stared at the shelves packed with wisdom.
Another thing puzzled me--it was my incomprehensible feeling of elation since I had again seen her.
You can imagine my elation after I had explained Larsan's movements.
Crawley, who may have been disposed during this period of elation to slight the people--honest young military men mostly--who formed her husband's chief society.
Kitty was distressed, as she always was, at parting for a couple of days from her husband, but when she saw his eager figure, looking big and strong in his shooting-boots and his white blouse, and a sort of sportsman elation and excitement incomprehensible to her, she forgot her own chagrin for the sake of his pleasure, and said good-bye to him cheerfully.
He turned his head, and something in his eyes checked my modest elation.
Seizing eagerly upon the elation of the first command thrown into my lap, by the agency of Captain Giles, I had yet an uneasy feeling that such luck as this has got perhaps to be paid for in some way.
said Philip, seating himself by her, and taking her hand, in the elation of a sudden hope.