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elater (Lichtenstein, 1825) which was recently split in Iran into two species.
4 05-05 to 06-23 Elater abruptus Say 2 07-21 to 07-30 Hemicrepidius bilobatus (Say) 7 08-06 to 08-18 Hemicrepidius memnonius (Herbst) 8 07-15 to 08-12 Lacon discoidea (Weber) 2 06-16 Melanotus castanipes (Paykull) 2 06-03 to 06-09 Melanotus morosus Candeze 1 07-07 Melanotus sagittarius (LeConte) 1 05-26 Melanotus similis (Kirby) 13 06-03 to 09-22 Melanotus sp.
5 Lophiodes spilurus (Garman, 1899) Rape de hebra 4 SUBORDEN LOPHIOIDEI FAMILIA LOPHIIDAE Antennarius avalonis Jordan y Starks, 1907 Ranisapo antenado 4 SUBORDEN OGCOCEPHALIOIDEI FAMILIA OGCOCEPHALIDAE Zalieutes elater (Jordan y Gilbert, 1882) Murcielago biocelado 4 ORDEN SCORPAENIFORMES SUBORDEN SCORPAENOIDEI FAMILIA SCORPAENIDAE Pontinus furcirhinus Garman, 1899 Lapon rojo 3.
Short Tailed Gerbil Desmodillus auricularis, Nel 1967; Pouched Mouse Saccostomus campestris, Ellison 1993; Small Five-toed Jerboa Allactaga elater, Williams's Jerboa A.
Each Equisetum spore has four strap-like structures called elaters attached to the spore surface at a common point (Hauke, 1963).
Elaters attached to the capsule valves, arranged vertically inside the capsule, with 2-3-spirals.
Motile--Self-propelling, as spores or sperms, by means of cilia or elaters.
Liverworts produce unique cells, the elaters, which are elongated cells with spiral thickenings that are hygroscopic and contract/expand with moisture changes.
Farysia chardoniana Spore mass not permeated by conspicuous elaters Sori in single spikelets Sori with sac-shaped, persistent peridia.