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He elatedly described the feeling of "liberation" when he finally "consented to being a sexual being.
Then, having won a penalty two yards from the line, Lee Fortey infringed and Andy Gomarsall elatedly thumped the ball into touch as the referee blew his whistle for the last time.
So the trainer stands, beaming elatedly, in the winner's enclosure at Newmarket and is asked about the Derby, and whether or not he thinks his Classic winner will stay a mile and a half.
After a couple of attempts Murukun cried elatedly, 'Yo, manymak dhuwali", 'Yes, that's right'.
It was, as he said elatedly to me at the reception afterwards, 'freezing'.
On June 12, Fabia Soli Sanabria, the owner of Las Nubes farms, walked out of Anacafe headquarters elatedly shaking his head.
We're going to Morocco in April for a couple of weeks," he declared elatedly, "and also to Alaska in September.
In December of 1846, he writes elatedly from Europe, where he has just met with the founders of the Societe d'Oceanie, which helped support missionary endeavors in the Sandwich Islands and other areas of the Pacific.
Some people will want to leave after the frightening opening sequence in which Caine's sidekick, a grinning sociopath named O-Dog (all too convincingly played by Larenz Tate), elatedly shoots a Korean grocery store owner after a perceived insult.
Lezama captured the close race with the photo of her son Logan at bath time, who elatedly discovered his shirt could also double as a turban.
We expected a certain number of people to come, but we didn't expect that many," Jrab says elatedly.