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breakdown of elastic tissue (as the loss of elasticity in the skin of elderly people that results from degeneration of connective tissue)

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8) Chronic IR exposure can cause pronounced elastosis in mouse skin, which mimics UV damage.
Solar elastosis results in the destruction of the coherent mechanically strong and protective fibrous network of dermal collagen, and the substitution of an amorphous gel-like elastotic material.
Several prominent dermatologists in recent years have argued that solar elastosis is coincidental with a melanoma diagnosis, not contributive, and is related only to patient age.
The change, called solar elastosis, is relatively irreversible.
The most common types of skin damage are wrinkles, age spots on the face, back and chest, irregular pigmentation that makes the skin look mottled and red and solar elastosis.
A trend towards decreased solar elastosis was noted in the caffeine-treated group although this was not statistically significant.
Apart from that people with more number of sunburns, sun damaged skin like liver spots, actinic keratosis and solar elastosis, are at a greater risk of developing skin cancer.
Variable histologic findings in postherpetic eruptions include presence of eosinophils or plasma cells within the infiltrate, palisading, necrobiosis, elastosis, elastophagocytosis, interstitial mucin, and lymphocytic cuffing" of histiocyte aggregates in a tuberculoid fashion.
It is not known what this colour is due to but it seems to be the result of the presence of severe elastosis (Figure 3).
Smartlipo MPX has enabled me to add two entirely new patient demographics to my practice: thinner patients and patients with areas of elastosis that typically could not be treated with traditional liposuction methods.
The tumors evaluated in the study typically had an infiltrative pattern with dermal fibrosis or sclerosis: 61% showed elastosis, while 30% were ulcerated.
The central sclerotic nidus consists of fibrosis and elastosis.
Another factor is the increase of mean relative area, number, and thickness of the dermal elastic fibers seen in the non-sun-exposed skin of smokers, which are similar to changes seen in solar elastosis.
Because of the imperfect wound repair of the damaged collagenous matrix and the accumulation of elastotic material, known as solar elastosis or solar scar, the skin eventually sags and wrinkles after chronic LTV exposure.
Characteristics of this aging type are dry and sallow skin displaying fine wrinkles as well as deep furrows, resulting from the disorganization of epidermal and dermal components associated with elastosis and heliodermatitis.