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any of various elastic materials that resemble rubber (resumes its original shape when a deforming force is removed)

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Lehigh's elastomeric rubber powders are trademarked PolyDyne(TM) and PolyFlow(TM) and are produced in particle sizes from 80 mesh (180 microns) to 300 mesh (48 microns), and are graded to customer specifications.
There have also been research activities here at the university with Demique elastomeric nonwovens.
I-Flow's broad line of superior-quality, low-cost elastomeric infusion systems, which represent an efficient method of delivering IV therapy in certain applications in the alternate care site and the hospital, are a welcome addition to our family of infusion products.
Certain embodiments of the present invention also include a tire component comprising a vulcanized rubber, and a filler dispersed within said vulcanized rubber, where the vulcanized rubber includes the vulcanized residue of a thermoplastic-elastomeric block copolymer that includes at least one elastomeric block and at least one thermoplastic block, where the elastomeric block is characterized by a number average molecular weight that is greater than about 10 kg/mol.
Connection to the 144-pin metric quad flat pack (MQFP) microcontrollers is a direct connection provided by HP's elastomeric probing solution.
Key statement: This invention relates generally to polymers suitable for making elastomeric films, membranes or sheets.
A multiple component elastomeric first side panel is disposed along the first longitudinal edge of the containment assembly in the first waist region and projects from it laterally outward.
Elastomeric Connector: A single elastomeric connector per host system is required, eliminating the need for an expensive connector on each memory card.
Key statement: Disclosed are elastomeric compounds including an elastomer and a silicon-treated carbon black, and optionally including a coupling agent.
Consultants Richard Mansfield and John Luke are conducting a study entitled, "A New Paradigm for Comfort and Care - The Worldwide Outlook for Elastomeric Fibers.
The contact system is a highly reliable and robust system from one of Augat's new acquisitions, Elastomeric Technologies Inc.
Key statement: A caulkless panelized wall system wherein the wall systems have elastomeric joints that are resistant to cracking.
We are very pleased with the consumer marketplace's embracement of our technology, and our recent awards are testament to the tremendous balance of attributes including ease-of-use, performance, reliability and value that the elastomeric interface provides users.
The PAES consists of a guiding catheter with an elastomeric balloon that is inflated in the common carotid artery (CCA) below (proximal to) the stenotic lesion being treated, and a hollow wire with an elastomeric balloon at its tip to occlude the external carotid artery (ECA).
Absorbent Article With Unitary Elastomeric Waistband With Multiple Extension Zones: No.