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Tuzcu pointed out that angiographic assessment of atherosclerotic lesions is based on an inherent assumption that the external elastic membrane area in the so-called reference segment is representative of the original vessel size at the lesion site.
Because the eardrum is a thin, elastic membrane that is stretched as tight as a drum, it vibrates when it is hit.
According to Chow, such fluctuations can be described by simple equations that also apply to a string or polymer strand glued flat to an elastic membrane.
The only special material data required by the program are a set of "hyperelastic material constants" that provide information analogous to an elastic modulus for the melt, which is assumed to be an infinitely elastic membrane.
Washington, January 16 ( ANI ): Researchers have come up with a technique to embed needle-like carbon nanofibers in an elastic membrane, creating a flexible "bed of nails" on the nanoscale that opens the door to development of new drug-delivery systems.
patent for a device used to test an elastic membrane for permeability of submicroscopic particles.