elastic energy

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potential energy that is stored when a body is deformed (as in a coiled spring)

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These stretched tendons allow storage of elastic energy and once the toe leaves the ground the tendons in the foot recoil, releasing the stored energy and generating the necessary propulsion to push off the ground and walk upright quite successfully.
Enikolopov discovered that some monomers were polymerized at a high rate, and some solid polymers such as LDPE, HDPE and PP and their blends were pulverized [6-9], Enikolopov explained the pulverization of a solid polymer as a result of the elastic energy accumulated in the material under high pressure, which energy is released "explosively" under shear deformation as a new surface.
The elastic energy stored in these regions attains a critical value, leading to the transition of these regions into a nonrecoverable state, exhibited macroscopically by plastic deformation.
Arrow A represents the starter crack; this eventually propagates in an unstable manner (B] and travels rapidly through the specimen until the stored elastic energy in the specimen is insufficient for further growth.
It follows that if a network is capable of dissipating energy when stressed, less elastic energy will be available for crack growth, therefore higher fracture energy will be obtained together with longer fatigue life.
Ostriches use tendons to store and return twice as much elastic energy per step than us, reducing the work required by their muscles," he added.
Since the crack growth driving force is the release rate of stored elastic energy, large (45), blunt-notched (46), or long ligament samples (51) have higher capability of storing elastic energy.
However, in this case, viscoelasticity could be ignored because the relaxation was accounted for in the stored elastic energy parameter [phi].
The assumption of slip-links generates an additional term for the free elastic energy.
The project, funded under NSF's Division of Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation (CMMI), will focus on the running motion of quadrupeds (four-legged robots) with elastic energy storage elements such as springs.
The coating has a high level of stored elastic energy due to a high stress level.
Compatibility of locomotor kinematics with the SLIP and LLS models indicate that elastic energy storage is a significant component of locomotion in L.
The loss of rigidity in the studied beam is considered here as the main reason of the loss of internal elastic energy, hence, the residual modal energy in the studied fibrous composite structure under cyclic loading.
While practical adhesion is the total energy needed to separate the interface, including the elastic energy needed to create new surfaces and the energy dissipated in the plastic deformation or other sources.