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any flexible device that will return to its original shape when stretched

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To increase the magnitude of elastic force, two strategies have been recommended in the research literature; firstly, reducing the initial length of the elastic device (Page and Ellenbecker, 2003) and secondly, doubling or tripling the number of elastic units (using additional various elastic colour coded bands in parallel (Hodges, 2006; Simoneau et al.
We therefore hypothesized that: (i) a similar force of contraction could be elicited with the ER device when compared with the NM by reducing the initial length of the elastic device and secondly, using additional elastic bands in parallel, (ii) a similar magnitude of decline in ER and NM contractile force generation would occur with a single session of repeated bouts of high variable resistance loading and (iii) a similar magnitude of muscle damage and DOMS with ER versus NM would be evident following a single session of repeated bouts of high resistance loading.
The resting un-stretched length of elastic material was determined for every subject by measuring the distance from the origin of the elastic device (anchored to the base of the NM chair) to the axis (a custom made ankle cuff).
The CORolla is an elastic device placed inside the left ventricle through minimal invasive procedure.
That window was filled with mysterious devices featuring yards of rubber hose and canvas and elastic devices whose use could only be guessed at by the innocents.
These elastic pressing means include two elastic devices, which extend from a laterally central region in the crotch-part of the panty from the end of the front-part through the center panty to the back-part.