elastic bandage

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a bandage containing stretchable material that can apply local pressure

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6 Sex (male) 17 (81) Reason for Amputation Peripheral Vascular Disease 9 (43) Infection 5 (24) Other 3 (14) Diabetes 2 (10) Trauma 2 (10) Comorbidity Peripheral Vascular Disease 3 (14) Diabetes 11 (52) Renal Disease 5 (24) Previous TTA on Other Leg 3 (14) Side of Amputation (left) 11 (52) Immediate Postoperative Dressing * None 4 (19) Plaster Cast 4 (19) Semirigid Dressing 9 (43) Wound Bandage 3 (14) Elastic Bandage 1 (5) Hospital of Admittance University Medical Center Groningen 14 (67) Martini Hospital 7 (33) Lost to Follow Up Cause Death 3 (14) Noncompliance 1 (5) Comorbidity 1 (5) Note: Because percentages were rounded to an integer, sum of percentages of "reason for amputation" did not add up to 100%.
A 20-cm long, 3-cm wide band of elastic bandage (Vetrap, 3M, St Paul, MN, USA) was cut, and a 2-cm diameter hole was created 2 cm from an extremity of the bandage where the frontal knob was placed to prevent the bandage from slipping rostrally.
Thereafter, subjects started cycling in the first set, while in the second set the elastic bandage was adjusted.
C-ompression--Apply an elastic bandage to the injured area--Do not sleep with elastic bandage on.
At one point, when one of them started to take my blood pressure by wrapping my arm in the elastic bandage, I said, "Someone just did that five minutes ago.
Compress the area with an elastic bandage to help reduce swelling.
Thanks to an elastic bandage and pain-killing gel on his swollen knee, he was there with 21 others at the start.
So I grabbed the toe, stuffed it back where I thought it should be and wrapped my foot in an elastic bandage.
Fill a plastic bag with ice and secure it to the ankle with tape, a belt, an elastic bandage, or something similar for 20 minutes.
First-aid kit should include band-aids, an elastic bandage, antibiotic cream, sun and insect protection, a whistle, and a small flashlight.
The first 10,000 participants of the ACE Brand Champion Challenge will receive a free ACE Elastic Bandage in a limited-edition black or green color that has been produced for this sweepstakes.
Contract awarded for p-2586 c-6310 elastic bandage 4 "x 5 yds, cotton or polyester, filament latex metal hooks fixing no individual packaging sterile roll.
Both sets of authors reported that the elastic bandage group had substantially more variability in residual limb volume than the removable rigid dressing group.
Item Qty Per Kit NSN Qty Per Each NSN Iodine 10 packets 6505-00-148-7096 144 Field dressing 3 ea 6510-00-159-4883 1 Field compress 1 ea 6510-00-200-3075 1 Gauze bandage, 2 ea 6510-00-200-3185 12 3-in x 18-ft Triangle bandage, 1 ea 6510-00-201-1755 1 37-in x 37-in x 52-in Adhesive bandage 18 ea 6510-00-913-7909 300 3/4-in x 3-in Rolled elastic bandage, 1 ea 6510-00-935-5820 10 2-in x 12-ft Surgical tape, 3 ea 6510-01-060-1639 100 1-in x 54-in Petrolatum gauze, 3 ea 6510-01-112-6414 12 3-in x 36-in Surgical blade 1 ea 6515-00-754-0426 5 Scissors 1 pr 6515-00-935-7138 12 Exam glove 4 ea 6515-01-364-8554 100 Dental bag 1 ea 6520-00-926-9041 100 Eye dressing 1 ea 6545-00-853-6309 12 Case 1 ea 6545-00-113-3722 1