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a pancreatic enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of elastin

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Under the agreement, Santhera obtains the worldwide, exclusive rights to develop and commercialize POL6014, an innovative macrocycle elastase inhibitor, and analogs for an initial payment of CHF 6.
Target: Exclusive license to AZD9668, an oral inhibitor of neutrophil elastase
A significant decrease in LasB elastase activity was observed in the culture supernatant of PAO1 treated with B.
In addition, anti-oxidative and neutrophil elastase inhibiting activities of all isolates were evaluated by bioassays in vitro, respectively.
19] The elastase activity in this was determined using STANA as a substrate by the method of Bieth et al.
The disorder is secondary to a mutation in the neutrophil elastase gene that leads to increased apoptosis in neutrophil precursors.
Oenothein B isolated from Epilobium angustifolium, which is a dimeric macrocydic ellagitannins was proven to inhibit hyaluronidase and elastase activity as well as was being able to inhibit the production or secretion of some pro-inflammatory cytokines in in vitro studies (Kiss et al.
While small clinical studies have shown that UTI attenuates acute lung injury (ALI) by inhibiting release of pro-inflammatory cytokines and neutrophil elastase,[sup][7],[8],[9] it is unclear whether UTI can improve outcomes of cardiac surgery.
Detection of trypsin inhibitors, chymotrypsin inhibitors and elastase inhibitors in the cladodes.
At the time of the inflammatory reaction, ulinastatin separates from IaI family protein through proteolytic cleavage by neutrophil elastase.
Compared to the CIA group, administration of BSE at both doses showed a significant decrease in articular elastase and myeloperoxidase levels resulting in reduction of neutrophil activation and infiltration in the synovial tissues of the joints, decreased thiobarbituric acid reactive substance levels by inhibiting lipid peroxidation in the cartilage tissue, restored glutathione and superoxide dismutase levels and reduced the increase in nitrate levels that occurred in the CIA group.
It inhibits inflammatory markers: trypsin, pancreatic elastase and the endotoxin stimulated production of TNF[alpha] and interleukin 1, 8 and 6.
A double-blind, cross-over, placebo-controlled clinical study published in Nutrition and Dietary Supplements this year demonstrated that consumption of 50 mg of Dermaval, a proprietary, patent-pending, all-natural combination of fruit and vegetable concentrates from FutureCeuticals (Momence, IL), resulted in statistically significant inhibition of Human Neutrophil Elastase (HNE) activity among 20 healthy subjects during a two-hour period following ingestion.