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the reciprocal of capacitance

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The present study was designed to examine the effects of high chest wall elastance on changes of lung mechanics and the correlation between P[sub]aw stress index and P[sub]L stress index.
If inspiratory effort and muscle tone add to the positive pressure applied at the airway opening, the effective elastance of the chest wall may be less positive or even negative.
A greater filling pressure is only indicative of the ventricle's diastolic performance on its elastance curve.
The pressure volume relationship of the abdominal compartment can be represented by an elastance curve (Fig.
The term elastance may also be used and is the inverse of compliance.
3 An approximate model for an abrupt-junction varactor diode in which the minimum incremental elastance [S.
L]), Newtonian resistance (Rn), which mainly reflects changes in the mechanical properties of the airways, and the coefficients of lung tissue damping (G) and lung tissue elastance (H), measures of changes in the lung periphery, including airway closure, were assessed after aerosolized saline and after increasing doses of aerosolized methacholine.
Sternotomy is associated with a reduction in chest wall elastance that affects lung mechanics, e.
Consequently, the compliance of the lungs increases and the lung elastance decreases.
Tabla comparativa ssh vs manitol Manitol Solucion salina Ventajas hipertonica Ventajas --Reduce la Elastance cerebral y --Produce deshidratacion aumenta la viscosidad sanguinea del tejido cerebral de manera mas sostenida Deshldrataclon del tejido cerebral e --Reduce la viscosidad incremento de la tonicidad sanguinea plasmatica, de manera mas inmediata --Provoca vasoconstriccion cerebral --Provoca incremento de la tonicidad plasmatica --Modifica las caracteristicas --Produce incremento reologicas de la sangre, por y regional de la aumento hemodilucion en la perfusion del deformabilidad eritrocitaria, tejido cerebral es decir disminuye la viscosidad sanguinea --Marcado efecto rheologico --Incrementa el sanguineo.
Offspring infected with influenza had significantly higher tissue elastance (p = 0.
Also typical of restrictive abnormalities, IPF patients have normal or increased expiratory flows because of increased lung elastance.
In a group of COPD patients who failed a weaning trial, development of rapid shallow breathing with high dynamic lung elastance and intrinsic positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEPi) was observed, suggestive of dynamic hyperinflation as the dominant pathophysiological mechanism.