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the reciprocal of capacitance

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In males, maximum tissue elastance to MCh was significantly higher in influenza-infected mice (p = 0.
Shown are methacholine induced changes in Rn (A-D), which largely reflects the conducting airways, and the coefficient of lung tissue elastance (H) (E-H), which reflects changes in the small airways and pulmonary parenchyma, including airway closure.
The term elastance may also be used and is the inverse of compliance.
The pressure volume relationship of the abdominal compartment can be represented by an elastance curve (Fig.
A greater filling pressure is only indicative of the ventricle's diastolic performance on its elastance curve.
Chapters cover the linear single-compartment model and implications for lung resistance and elastance, nonlinear single-compartment models and implications for flow limitation, linear two-compartment models, the general linear model, inverse models of lung impedance, the constant phase model of impedance, and nonlinear dynamic models.
Acute (and predictable) right heart failure as measured by decreased stroke work despite raised effective pulmonary artery elastance often manifested with a raised central venous pressure.
Consequently, the compliance of the lungs increases and the lung elastance decreases.