elapsed time

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the time that elapses while some event is occurring

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Keep score point-by-point with series score view for most sports, includes post-game summary and elapsed time (AllScore mode also works for keeping golf statistics or other counts).
Results will be calculated by the application of Time Correction Factors (TCFs) as a multiplier of elapsed time.
o] showed a tendency to decrease with increasing elapsed time, the data were analyzed using mathematical descriptions of the elapsed time dependence of these parameters (Case 1), although the potential for simplifying the modeling by ignoring this apparent dependence was also explored and is described in Case 2.
DRIVE: 88 yards on three plays, 59 seconds elapsed time.
Ten Square(TM), an emerging telecommunications and media services provider broadcasting interactive content through the Ten Square Digital Network(TM), today announced its patent pending Elapsed Time Management(TM) technology.
And we are seeing real-world benchmarks reveal faster unload and load elapsed time than the standard tools shipped with IMS," stated Joe Backer, president and CEO, NEON Systems.
They were then stored at 23[degrees]C for periods of elapsed time [t.
An instrument immediately records the changes in thermocouple potential with elapsed time and, moments after the sample has solidified, it indicates the carbon eqivalent, carbon and silicon contents and the liquidous and solidus temperatures.
A multi-wave test is conducted every 20 seconds for a total elapsed time of 15 minutes.
based company designs, manufactures and distributes consumer-product labels that visually monitor elapsed time from minutes up to over a year on any product in which time is a factor for quality, safety or health.
DRIVE: Five yards on four plays, 48 seconds elapsed time.
Stella, Fred Kinmonth's Sydney 38, won the main race, the challenging 350-mile Hainan race, with an elapsed time of 37 hours, 29 minutes and 20 seconds.
179 seconds to set the record mark for the quickest elapsed time.
Once ASPEED's ACCELLERANT is applied to the application, it can immediately take advantage of server, workgroup, cluster and grid configurations if the capacity is needed to bring the elapsed time down further.