elapid snake

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One gecko, five skinks, two dragons and two elapid snakes were recorded pre-wildfire (Table 2).
In a prospective study conducted by David G et al (2) in Port Mores General hospital in Papua New Guinea between march 1990 and june1992 they studied ECG's of 139 patients envenomated by Elapid snakes in that 76 patints had ECG abnormalities,commonest abnormalities were septal T wave invertion and bradycardia including AV block.
For example, mitochondrial 16S rRNA gene sequences were used in taxonomic studies of Chilopoda (Edgecombe & Giribet 2004), Polydesmida (Marek & Bond 2007), Hymenoptera (Dowton & Austin 1994), Australian elapid snakes (Keogh et al.
Phylogenetic Relationships of Elapid Snakes Based on Cytochrome b mtDNA Sequences Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution.
The venom of Australia's dangerous elapid snakes is powerfully neurotoxic, attacking nerve cells and thus causing weakness and paralysis.
Surgical technique for isolation of the main venom gland of viperid, crotalid and elapid snakes.