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Structure-function properties of venom components from Australian elapids.
1990) then we can assume that snakes must have reproduced, given a conservative estimate of the lifespan of wild elapids is 5-20 years (i.
Molecular phylogeny of viviparous Australian elapid snakes: affinities of Echiopsis atriceps (Storr, 1980) and Drysdalia coronata (Schlegel, 1837), with description of a new genus.
Patients bitten by elapid neurotoxic snakes may present with pain at the bite site and varying degrees of minor local swelling.
Australia is home to approximately 80 species of venomous elapid (front-fanged) serpents, but while the vast majority are relatively harmless due to their small size, a few species rank among the most deadly in the world.
Thermoregulation by a nocturnal elapid snake (Hoplocephalus bungaroides) in southeastern Australia.
Surgical technique for isolation of the main venom gland of viperid, crotalid and elapid snakes.
Production of potent polyvalent antivenom against three elapid venoms using a low dose, low volume, multi-site immunization protocol.
Elapid snakes (front-fanged venomous land snakes) are the most important group medically, and most Australian snakes belong to this group.
Male combat in American colubrid snakes with remarks on combat in other colubrid and elapid snakes.
The small-sealed taipan, an Australian elapid, has the most toxic venom of any snake.
Elapid snakes, the same family as cobras and mambas, have 200 species in 50 genera and make Australia the only major continent with more poisonous than non-poisonous species.
Other sympatric vertebrate carnivores, including the dingo, the introduced fox (Vulpes vulpes) and cat (Felis catus) (both recent introductions), raptors, owls, and large elapid snakes are excluded from the guild and analyses because their foraging methods, and hence trophic structures, are different.
Elapid venom consists enzymes, hydrolases, hyaluronidase, phospholipase [A.