elaidic acid

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a monounsaturated fatty acid that has the same structure as oleic acid except that it is a trans fatty acid

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Delivery of 5-azacytidine to human cancer cells by elaidic acid esterification increases therapeutic drug efficacy.
The levels of transvaccenic acid, a rumenic acid-precursor, paralleled those of rumenic acid, whereas the opposite happened with those of elaidic acid, whose levels are often high in partially hydrogenated fats.
The investigators assume that the elaidic acid makes it possible even for cells without special transport proteins to take up CP-4200; the substance might reach the cell interior directly through the membrane.
The methyl ester standards (all above 99% purity) for gas chromatography (GC) were palmitic acid (hexadecanoic acid), stearic acid (octadecanoic acid), oleic acid (cis-9-octadecenoic acid), elaidic acid (trans-9-octadecenoic acid) and linoleic acid (cis-9,cis-12-octadecadienoic acid) (Supelco, Bellefonte, PA)
In this process, alpha linoleic acid (ALA) is converted to stearic acid, oleic acid, or elaidic acid (Schaefer, 2002) by adding hydrogen atoms to unsaturated double bonds of ALA in either the cis (same side) or trans (opposite side) position to the existing double bond.
15) Most human experiments have been conducted with trans 9, 18:1, called elaidic acid.
When partially hydrogenated to produce spreadable margarine, oleic acid is converted into a trans form called elaidic acid (9-trans-octadecenoic acid), the predominant trans fat produced by commercial hydrogenation.
This is 9-octadecenoic acid, which is oleic or elaidic acid depending on the cis- or trans-orientation of the double bond.