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developed or executed with care and in minute detail

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It was the first time I had ever heard Karl Marx's* doctrine of surplus value elaborated, and Ernest had done it so simply that I, too, sat puzzled and dumbfounded.
Advancing to the door of the mysterious apartment, they were not a little surprised to hear a human voice, chanting with a highly elaborated expression of melancholy, and in tones of suffocation which a human voice might have produced from under five or six feather-beds of the best quality, the once popular air of 'Has she then failed in her truth, the beautiful maid I adore?
When little things are elaborated with an infinity of pains, in order that they may appear in their full beauty and utmost clearness, how ridiculous that we should not think the highest truths worthy of attaining the highest accuracy!
Yet this old man wears these clothes with a certain unaccustomed air of being dressed and elaborated for the public ways; as though he passed the greater part of his time in a nightcap and gown.
He elaborated sites of tension in the world that witnessed continued wars for economic and religious reasons.
It also seems to matter earlier in life, as children with restricted code struggle at school more than those who speak an elaborated speech code.
Respublika leader Omurbek Babanov held preliminary consultations with the leaders of the parliamentary factions yesterday concerning elaborated terms and provisions by that time.
Summary: Rabat - Justice Minister Mohamed Taieb Naciri said, on Friday, that his Ministry elaborated programs aimed at giving a concrete substance to the concept of "Justice in the service of citizens".
Summary: US Secretary of State in coordination with Aspen Institute have elaborated a draft proposal to be discussed during the US Maghreb investment conference, in Algiers, later September.
PESHAWAR, January 22, 2010 (Frontier Star): Senior Provincial Minister Bashir Ahmed Bilour has elaborated that there was no secret agency named 'Black-Water' present in Pakistan.
ISLAMABAD, December 12, 2009 (Balochistan Times): Former federal Minister Nilofar Bakhtiyar of PML-Q has elaborated that the ruling Government has failed altogether to meet the expectations of the masses as pinned with it after 18th February polls.
Asked about why he had left his job, he said: "I could see how the story - the part I knew of surrounding the Villa Windsor visit - was being elaborated to demonstrate a more detailed relationship between the couple.
Mulling these through, Kern argues that causal understanding became ever more highly elaborated yet simultaneously ever less certainly bounded over the course of the period from 1830 to the present.
I wish Elam had elaborated more of the sociohistorical comments that accompany his interpretation of the texts.
These need to be elaborated, articulated, and further developed.