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developed or executed with care and in minute detail

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He elaborated on different important concepts and procedures about the capital markets and carried on with an interactive session with the audience.
Nasr us Samad shed light on the fundamentals of insurance and elaborated on its avenues.
He also highlighted draft laws and programs elaborated with a view to bringing justice closer to citizens, simplifying and accelerating administrative procedures, promoting judges' training programs and modernizing legal and administrative structures.
2 : to work out in detail <He elaborated his ideas.
Asked about why he had left his job, he said: "I could see how the story - the part I knew of surrounding the Villa Windsor visit - was being elaborated to demonstrate a more detailed relationship between the couple.
Mulling these through, Kern argues that causal understanding became ever more highly elaborated yet simultaneously ever less certainly bounded over the course of the period from 1830 to the present.
I wish Elam had elaborated more of the sociohistorical comments that accompany his interpretation of the texts.
These need to be elaborated, articulated, and further developed.
Through the '70s and the "80s the "order" reflected in his insanely elaborated conspiracy theories won Thornley's heart away from the chaos of Eris, and also lost him most of his old friends.
Liu elaborated on the meaning behind the new design motifs: "family peace," "wealth/prosperity" and "luck in study.
The basic problem, to be elaborated in many variants in post-Kantian aesthetics, is instead to question how thinking itself becomes "sensible"--something we can see, sense, touch, feel, something that "affects" us.