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a pilot's seat in an airplane that can be forcibly ejected in the case of an emergency

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For SPECTRE, Aston Martin made 150 PS165,000 DB9 GT Bond versions that have sold out - and they don't even have an ejector seat.
The main parachute on the Mk10 Martin Baker-built ejector seat did not deploy and the 35-year- old South African-born airman later died in hospital as a result of multiple injuries.
Bond's love affair with Aston Martin begun in 1964 when Sean Connery drove the DB5 in 'Goldfinger' - complete with machine guns, oil sprayer and, of course, ejector seat.
Stark in Wilmington, Delaware, that he "knowingly" shipped prohibited items--including ejector seats and flight suits, and attempted to sell others, including the warplane--in violation of the law.
Manager Jones, who is keen to bring in a couple of loan players, drove his own car back along the M4 and threatened Ridsdale - with an ejector seat exit
As they heard the aircraft's engine fall, they saw the pilot use his ejector seat, but he was too low for his parachute to open.
If you've seen the previews, you probably know about the tie caught in the revolving sushi tray, the ill-timed ejector seat and perhaps even English infiltrating a fortress through a toilet, emerging covered in filth.
MUST-HAVES FOR BOYS" - DELUXE PLAYSET: As the Power Rangers' secret lair, the Dragon Rootcore Command Center offers two play modes, Dragon Tower and Train, and features missile firing, cycle launcher, zip line, trap jaw, ejector seat and more.
Even if the Beeb do press the ejector seat button, he'll take his lucrative caricature to another channel as surely as amber sits between red and green.
ITV'S Ejector Seat plagiarising The Graham Norton Show and C4 Spitting Image puppet Christian Jessen's excuse to undo his shirt on Embarrassing Bodies: Live From The Clinic.
Then watch Lorraine Kelly's revamped show, Jo Frost's parenting programme, The Paul O'Grady Show and new game show Ejector Seat.
And you neglect it at your peril" Broadcaster Alan Titchmarsh "The Bond film was an ejector seat from normality into a crazy circus world.
The latest Aston Martin was not fitted with any of Q's trademark gadgets, however visitors can see a black line on the roof as the outline of the panel for the ejector seat.
The unique car, which boasts an ejector seat, revolving license plates and bullet-proof shield, featured in the 'Goldfinger' and 'Thunderball'.
The bike also boasts an ejector seat and a caterpillar track for smooth riding over potholed roads.