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a person who ousts or supplants someone else

a mechanism in a firearm that ejects the empty shell case after firing

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I have seen many tools over the years where too much pre-load has caused broken lifter bolts and held the ejector plates forward.
In late 1907 S&W did almost everything right with the introduction of their first swing-out cylindered big-bore sixgun, the 1st Model Hand Ejector (also known as the "New Century" and more lovingly known by sixgunners for over a century, as the Triple-Lock.
Ejecting stopper which prevents ejector from damage due to over push of ejecting handler
The inspection of our CountSafe(TM), combined with the accuracy of the ejector, guarantees 100% rejection of default products, therefore avoiding rework from the operatore, says Louis Roy, President of Optel Vision.
A scarred rod tears up the cylinder's seal when the ejector moves back and forth.
PHIL patented ejector body and trailer technology is known for its simplicity and durability to stand up to the demanding environments that articulated haulers encounter.
This allows for a second fluid to be sucked in to the ejector (as it is drawn into the low pressure region) and quickly mixed with the high velocity motive fluid and then compressed up to a pressure which is somewhere between the 'motive' high pressure and the suction low pressure fluid.
Some of the food preservation industries require cooling between 0[degrees]C to 10[degrees]C (32[degrees]F to 50[degrees]F) whose demand may be meted out by ejector and absorption refrigeration systems.
A RED Arrows pilot from Coventry was killed when his parachute failed after he was catapuluted into the air in his ejector seat, an inquest heard.
Crosstex also announces that two of its products, Crosstex Ultra Sensitive Face Masks and Crosstex Comfort Plus[TM] Premium Saliva Ejector have earned recognition from The Dental Advisor as Preferred Products for 2011.
The piCompact10 is a manifold-mounted ejector system based on the company's energy-efficient Micro Coax technology.
The tandem or two-stage ejector system captures gas leakage from a dry-gas seal at low pressure and recompresses it to a pressure equivalent to the fuel gas pressure, www.
Manager Jones, who is keen to bring in a couple of loan players, drove his own car back along the M4 and threatened Ridsdale - with an ejector seat exit
The small rocket system Camui underwent a flight experiment Monday in the town of Taiki, Hokkaido, as part of joint research by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and Hokkaido University for an ejector rocket engine.