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the act of ejecting or the state of being ejected

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It may be recalled that the rent controller had ordered the ejectment of the complex in November on a rent suit filed by the Islamic Education Trust for recovery of rent and seeking an ejectment order.
91 (1816), in which two plaintiffs sought ejectment as joint heirs in a diversity action, but one plaintiff was incapable of suing in diversity because he was a citizen of a U.
In both rights, the use or possession must be inconsistent with the owner's use and enjoyment of his lands and must not be a permissive use, for the use must be such that the owner had a right to a legal action to stop it, such as an action for trespass or ejectment.
In 2014, the Chens filed suit against the Coakers, Sundance, and Mike's Roofing in King County Superior Court alleging causes of action for trespass and negligence and seeking damages, ejectment, and specific performance of the boundary agreement.
The remedies for pre-declaration infringements include "injunctive relief, damages, or an order that consultation or accommodation be carried out" but do not include "the usual remedies that lie for breach of interests in land"--meaning, of course, ejectment for trespass.
Puopolo concentrates her practice in commercial litigation and, more specifically, handles real estate litigation, including title insurance claims, creditors' rights in bankruptcy and foreclosure proceedings, and residential and commercial eviction and ejectment proceedings.
even possible that the threatened summary ejectment caused the tenant to
305) In 1838, however, the United States military launched a campaign of violent ejectment that led to the Trail of Tears.
Admitted to practice: 2006) In September 2008, Herman was retained to represent a client in an ejectment action.
This activity persists despite the lack of any court order to justify the demolitions and bulldozing of crops, and even the dismissal last January 24, 2014 of the unlawful detainer or ejectment charge filed by TADECO against the farmer-beneficiaries," the resolution said.
Accordingly, a final ejectment case was filed by Ciac before the Circuit Trial Court in Mabalacat City against the informal settlers, comprising Taiwanese farmer Victor Peng who was given until the end of the year to harvest his water melon plants at the complex.
The act of the Competent authority in issuing a quit notice for ejectment does not fall within the extents of matters specified in the Provincial Council List and therefore the Provincial High Court would have no jurisdiction to exercise writ jurisdiction in respect of quit notices issued under State Land (Recovery of Possession) Act as amended.
all suits, such as claims of ejectment and for recovery of a chattel.
24) If the adverse possessor successfully engages in exclusive use of the property for the statutory period, she can quiet title, or in the alternative, prevail against an action for ejectment by the title owner.
We succeeded in eliminating the property management portion of an immigration bill; we reversed an effort regarding the discontinuation of direct billing to individually metered apartment residents; and we continue to advocate for expedited ejectment, which South Carolina lacks but is available in 34 states.