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  • verb

Synonyms for eject

throw out

bail out

Synonyms for eject

to send forth (confined matter) violently

to catapult oneself from a disabled aircraft


Synonyms for eject

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We calculated the length of time vireos were involved in ejection behaviors, whether only visual cues or a combination of visual and tactile cues were used by vireos for cowbird egg discrimination, and whether males ejected eggs.
NASA's twin Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory, or STEREO, spacecraft are providing the unique scientific tool to study these ejections as never before.
According to Bob Sadler, Chief Engineer for Goodrich's Ejection Seat Systems team, "Each time we meet or hear from an ejection survivor, our passion for this business increases.
They show a coronal mass ejection that is shaped like a crescent moon as is lifts off the sun.
Besides taking pictures, each STEREO craft will record bursts of radio waves emitted by coronal mass ejections and solar flares.
where P is the ejection force; E is the modulus of the plastic part; A is the total area of contact between the part and the mold in the line of draw; [mu] is the coefficient of friction between the plastic and the metal; d is the diameter of the circle of circumference equal to the length of the perimeter of the part surrounding the male core; t is the thickness of the part; [gamma] is the Poisson's ratio of the plastic; and [S.
Ejection is the removal of a targeted egg by grasping its girth, i.
Flacks, who has committed to UCLA, picked up his third ejection with about two minutes remaining in the game.
Also vulnerable are the metal pipes in oil and gas pipelines, where coronal mass ejections can cause voltage differences between the pipes and the surrounding soil, which accelerate corrosion.
Backman, who's already been fined by the league office for prior post- ejection antics, plans to request a copy of the umpires' incident report.
Solar physicists have had scant clues about why this switch happens, but a new study suggests that the clouds, known as coronal mass ejections (CMEs), play a central role.
Seat belts are the best protection in all crashes and most ejections could be prevented by belt use.
Backman, who's already received five ejections, has tossed a bat rack and emptied a trash can after previous differences of opinions with California League umpiring crews.
Cannibalism among these clouds of charged particles, known as coronal mass ejections (CMEs), is more than an astronomical curiosity.