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a pilot's seat in an airplane that can be forcibly ejected in the case of an emergency

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FA-18 NATOPS states the following under carrier-based procedures: "The canopy should be down, oxygen mask on, and the ejection seat armed during taxi.
While the Ejection Seat has been closed, the remainder of the rides in the amusement park were operating as normal yesterday.
We all know that some aircraft have ejection seats, and they are used to safely eject aircrew.
According to Christine Probett, President, Aircraft Interior Products division, "This is the first F-15 ejection seat award for us since we acquired the ACES program.
I hopped into the ECMO-3 ejection seat and did a quick cockpit wipeout.
The Aerospace Expo will return for its third straight year, featuring aerospace displays that give visitors the chance to don a test pilot's helmet and sit in an ejection seat.
At the conclusion of this contract, Teledyne will have produced nearly 7,000 ejection seat sequencer systems for the U.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Strap Webbing For Ejection Seat Of Mirage 2000 Ac On Pac Basis
Later in the day, we had to take the ECMO-1 ejection seat out of a jet for our ATs.
In his new role, Mike will have combined responsibility for the company's ejection seat business and passenger restraint portfolio of products with division locations in Phoenix, Ariz.
I had a routine system for checking the ejection seat, parachute and seat pan.
The Eurofighter ITD comprises a fully functional cockpit facsimile equipped with an MK16A ejection seat replica, HOTAS, rudder/brake pedals, and all heads-up and heads-down displays, control panels, and switches.
Now combine an explosive device that is ready to detonate and could fire the ejection seat, and the situation rapidly becomes a life-threatening event for anyone in the immediate area.
At IBP Aerospace, Szalai will be involved in the company's efforts to market a Russian-made ejection seat in the United States and in other nations.
Additionally, the program supports the Air Force's objectives for development of a non-see-through display that is a clip-on module for flight helmets, with the potential for wide military use in ejection seat and non-ejection seat aircraft.