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  • verb

Synonyms for eject

throw out

bail out

Synonyms for eject

to send forth (confined matter) violently

to catapult oneself from a disabled aircraft


Synonyms for eject

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However, the Bengals linebacker didn't immediately leave after he was ejected.
I didn't have a TV in the locker room so I didn't see the game after I got ejected.
By freely suspending the ejected probe mass and bungee suspension system (in effect the moving parts) at the same height as the SUEM ejection face, the cable reaction force was recorded.
I just happened to be on the way back from the toilet when I saw him being ejected.
Heineman was ejected after a called strike on a checked-swing and then Horton came out to argue the call and he was ejected.
He stepped back but the next thing he knew several burly stewards came up the stand and ejected him.
In Thursday night's home opener, Denver star Carmelo Anthony again got frustrated and was ejected in the third quarter, and the Clippers parlayed that into a 96-95 victory at Staples Center.
Jonti Horner of the University of Bern in Switzerland and his colleagues found that the proposed asteroid collision would have ejected into space the lower-density, outer layers of the giant planet.
The pilot of an AV-8B Harrier II of Marine Attack Squadron 542 ejected following an inflight emergency at MCAS Cherry Point, N.
The cast component is then automatically ejected after solidification.
evangelical Christian street preacher, can't be ejected from city parks because people don't like what he says, a federal judge has ruled.
Further, research shows that the single atoms can be ejected from the trap at rates of up to 10 Hz, while still maintaining at least a 90% chance of ejecting exactly one atom.
The lever-action ejector eliminates tip eject forces on the thumb and assures that the tips are totally ejected on the first stroke.
A North Wales Police spokesman said: "The pilot ejected safely and was picked up and taken to Ysbyty Gwynedd, the hospital in Bangor, with back injuries.
An RAF pilot ejected to safety yesterday when his Harrier GR7 crashed in a field.