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Synonyms for ejaculate

have an orgasm


Synonyms for ejaculate

to speak suddenly or sharply, as from surprise or emotion

Synonyms for ejaculate

the thick white fluid containing spermatozoa that is ejaculated by the male genital tract

eject semen

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In the world's largest study to investigate how common lifestyle factors influence the size and shape of sperm (referred to as sperm morphology), a research team from the Universities of Sheffield and Manchester also found that sperm size and shape was worse in samples ejaculated in the summer months but was better in men who had abstained from sexual activity for more than six days.
While female bodies have ejaculated throughout history, female ejaculation was not what Alain Badiou terms a truth-event and Lacan calls a discourse, "a social bond, founded in language" (XX 21), until it was enunciated in multiple sites of queer feminist discourse that collectively and retrospectively rendered obsolete the hegemonic markings of the female body as submissive to the pleasures and desires of the male body.
One scene in the tongue-and-cheek clip seems to depict two men masturbating together in a bathroom while another suggests that a man ejaculated on to a woman's back in a lift.
He said after reaching near the wreckage they can tell whether pilot has ejaculated safely.
Mammalian ejaculated spermatozoa are highly differentiated terminal cells with extremely compact nuclei and haploid genomes.
The next highest group were patients seeking ICSI with ejaculated sperm.
A IF your boyfriend has ejaculated close to your vagina there is a slim chance his semen has seeped inside your underwear - so you COULD be pregnant.
WASHINGTON -- Children who were conceived from surgically retrieved sperm had no greater risk of cognitive and behavioral problems than did those conceived from ejaculated sperm, according to a study of 3-year follow up data from 874 children.
Other areas discussed are lysosomal cysteine proteinases and their inhibitors in neurodegenerative diseases, the role of apoptosis in cardiovascular diseases, and the impact and significance of apoptosis in human ejaculated spermatozoa.
The men ejaculated daily for a week and the samples were compared with ejaculation after three days' abstinence.
I have never ejaculated because I don't think I can.
Causing sperm to be ejaculated means sure death to millions of sperm and should not be tolerated except for the sole purpose of being used for procreation.
Once a man has ejaculated, on this short cycle he may want to release it again the next day.
ejaculated respected commentator Fintan O'Hack, ''this means I'll have to completely rewrite the 2,000 word Centre Cannot Hold piece that I used after the last Assembly election.
Ah," ejaculated Grant, "don't remind me of that for God's sake