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Synonyms for ejaculate

have an orgasm


Synonyms for ejaculate

to speak suddenly or sharply, as from surprise or emotion

Synonyms for ejaculate

the thick white fluid containing spermatozoa that is ejaculated by the male genital tract

eject semen

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We now know that the female sex organ is very similar to the male's in structure and function--that is, the urethral sponge is capable of anywhere from a three--to eight-inch erection, measures a handful in circumference, and that prostatic and other bodily fluids are ejaculated from the paraurethral glands and ducts through the urethra.
Expression of SRY transcripts in the ejaculated spermatozoa
4% of the children conceived via ICSI with ejaculated sperm, and significantly fewer (2.
Bergami ejaculated and answered so rapidly that Alleyn could only just make out what he said.
The intruder ejaculated into her mouth, then shoved her in a closet.
In the world's largest study to investigate how common lifestyle factors influence the size and shape of sperm (referred to as sperm morphology), a research team from the Universities of Sheffield and Manchester also found that sperm size and shape was worse in samples ejaculated in the summer months but was better in men who had abstained from sexual activity for more than six days.
One scene in the tongue-and-cheek clip seems to depict two men masturbating together in a bathroom while another suggests that a man ejaculated on to a woman's back in a lift.
Uncontaminated semen devoid of transparent fluid was collected twice weekly by the massage method (Burrows and Quinn, 1935) from selected cockerels and pooled to obtain ejaculated sperm, which were used as the control.
Other areas discussed are lysosomal cysteine proteinases and their inhibitors in neurodegenerative diseases, the role of apoptosis in cardiovascular diseases, and the impact and significance of apoptosis in human ejaculated spermatozoa.
A IF your boyfriend has ejaculated (come) close to your vagina there is a slight chance that his semen has seeped through or inside your underwear, so yes, you COULD be pregnant.
In areas where semen analysis is not available after vasectomy, men are often told to use contraception for 12 weeks or until they have ejaculated 15-20 times.
There is music, poetry, and longing; in Managua a man attempts to recapture the blissful if socially embarrassing moment when he involuntarily ejaculated during the final bars of Schubert's Octet; in another scene an anthropologist approaches a 17-year-old Fijian male who is masturbating peacefully into the sea and asks him to name the activity he is engaged in: the youth replies that it is called Tokolano, which translates as "keeping the moon under.
The information was then compared between 939 men who ejaculated low numbers of swimming sperm and a control group of 1,310 men who produced higher numbers.
Black Emanation, 1992, is a parody of one of Julian Schna-bel's black velvet paintings in which Durward has seemingly ejaculated on the surface and initialed each of the resulting rivulets.
When the mice ejaculated there was no sperm present.