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personal interpretation of a text (especially of the Bible) using your own ideas

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The reader of Domestic Slavery will be well-served by projecting himself or herself into the arguments' context, then applying the lessons learned about public discourse, frustrating realities of cultural myopia, and dangers of biblical eisegesis.
While the digressions are often engaging and thought-provoking, they typically exhibit far more eisegesis than concern to exegete the original message of the text.
An eisegesis which presumes to find theological 'content' here is precisely the opposite of a humanistic hermeneutic.
His name, at birth, is also an example of eisegesis, reading back into earlier times the experience of adult activities, and he was diagnosed by his parents as [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], Abel, being dis-abled, defective, handicapped (Deuteronomy 32:21; 1 Kings 16:13, 26; Ecclesiastes 1:1, 2).
Some will no doubt assert that Podhoretz's exegesis of the prophets smacks more of eisegesis (in this case, personal neoconservative political views) than of objective interpretation.
The Lawyers for Literacy team placed sixth after successfully spelling words like recidivism, plethora, and eisegesis.
But often they have become rather shy at professing any theological interpretation of these texts, almost as if such an effort would necessarily be eisegesis rather than exegesis.
If one can grant that the interaction between scriptural traditions and Greek philosophy led to creative syntheses exhibiting both novelty and fidelity in christological reflection--and in fact one sees this interaction already occurring in the New Testament itself--then, similarly, the considerations entailed in the doctrine of creation from nothing need not be thought of as merely late, or fabrications of dubious eisegesis, but as providing an interpretive framework that helps us better to understand those scriptural traditions.
Just as we do not read a textbook of surgery and try to perform an operation on ourselves, we would do better to rely on trained experts in the field (theologians) rather than on eisegesis from the laity when we read Scripture.
However, rehabilitated or not, the innkeeper is still the stuff of legendary development, what scripture scholars would call eisegesis, or reading into the text.
16) In the context of biblical interpretation, eisegesis may be defined simply as superimposing a meaning upon a given text, as opposed to drawing out meaning from the text.
Consequently, he indulged in this eisegesis, "James, the brother of the Lord .
Like any reading, a translation is an ideological act, an act of eisegesis.
40] For the non-African-American, non-Jewish preacher and congregation such methods constitutes eisegesis, simply "reading in" to the text issues and characterizations that are not present; for African-American and Jewish preachers this is the elaboration of the multi-faceted, multi-leveled nature of scripture; its characters do indeed allow for such "mirror ima ges" of ourselves-without harming the integrity of the text.