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parasitic on the digestive epithelium of vertebrates and higher invertebrates

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Su rol como células presentadoras está en estudio y abre un importante interrogante con implicancias en el desarrollo de vacunas, dado que Eimeria sp.
The alternate system, involves putting low doses of live Eimeria oocysts inside gelatin beads, which are fed to birds.
19) In cranes, visceral coccidiosis caused by Eimeria gruis and Eimeria reichenowi also can cause granulomatous responses in any part of the body, and sporozoites and merozoites have been seen in vascular tissues and blood.
Effects of dietary protein types on immune responses and levels of infection with Eimeria vermiformis in mice.
A major disease of chickens, coccidiosis is caused by intestinal parasites--single-celled protozoans in the genus Eimeria.
They also reported that this drug has preventive effect on protozoan such as Eimeria, Amoeba and Cryptosporidium [21].
Eimeria stiedae is the causative agent of hepatic coccidiosis, a common disease of wild rabbits (2) that can result in severe hepatic injury and death in juveniles and neonates.
Effects of bile salt-stimulated lipase-treated triglycerides and free fatty acids on extracellular stages of Eimeria tenella.
Interaction between nutrition and Eimeria acervulina infection in broiler chickens: Diet compositions that improve fat digestion during Eimeria acervulina infection.
Vaccines composed of either virulent or attenuated Eimeria species oocysts have been developed as an alternative to medication of feed with ionophore drugs or synthetic chemicals.
Of the 13 species recorded, two of the principal pathogens are Eimeria zuernii and E.
Coccidial contamination of raspberries: mock contamination with Eimeria acervulina as a model for decontamination treatment studies.