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being two more than eighty


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Summary: BEIRUT: Eighty-two percent of the Lebanese believe corruption has significantly increased in the past three years, the Lebanese Transparency Association (LTA) revealed during a luncheon with journalists Wednesday.
lt;Her voice was strong and even, belying her eighty-two years.
Last year, it heard just eighty-two and seems on track to hear even fewer this year.
At one hundred eighty-two pages, Philip Roth's twenty-seventh book may appear diminutive and can, in fact, be read quickly--if one devours books rather than reflects on their content.
Eighty-two per cent of those surveyed agreed with a proposal to only let gun club members and professionals such as pest control officers use the weapons.
Eighty-two percent of all fire deaths occur in the home, according to the association.
Eighty-two percent (945) of the total units are rent-stabilized, and with average rental rates currently at $1,099, which is under market for the area, there is sufficient turnover (approximately 15-20 percent per year) for income growth.
Eighty-two per cent of child car seats tested as part of a safety drive failed with at least one fault.
JONAS MEKAS, now eighty-two, has lived--and continues to live--many lives.
In the eighteen months that he enjoyed line-item veto authority, President Clinton targeted only eighty-two programs, thirty-eight of which were restored by Congress for an overall savings of a mere $2 billion--a drop in the federal bucket.
Eighty-two percent of LATIN TRADE subscribers reside in Latin America or the Caribbean.
3; of these, one Missa and four Eroica symphonies appear on the Toscanini Collection of eighty-two CDs issued by RCA in 1992.
Eighty-two people, including police officers, got hurt.
This program used fewer than half the company's eighty-two dancers.