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being two more than eighty


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Eighty-two two-year-olds were sold for a total of A$1,927,500 (pounds 778,967, E1,165,381) and an average of A$23,506 (pounds 9,500, E14,212).
Eighty-two percent (945) of the total units are rent-stabilized, and with average rental rates currently at $1,099, which is under market for the area, there is sufficient turnover (approximately 15-20 percent per year) for income growth.
Eighty-two per cent of child car seats tested as part of a safety drive failed with at least one fault.
Eighty-two percent said they believe in miracles, and 85 percent hacked the existence of Heaven.
JONAS MEKAS, now eighty-two, has lived--and continues to live--many lives.
EIGHTY-TWO works feature in the annual exhibition of the Leonie Perry School of Painters, in Coventry, held at Kenilworth Library until Friday, April 29.
In the eighteen months that he enjoyed line-item veto authority, President Clinton targeted only eighty-two programs, thirty-eight of which were restored by Congress for an overall savings of a mere $2 billion--a drop in the federal bucket.
Individual parent accounts--not only does this protect the campers, if a parent has to sign in to send e-mail, it makes it a lot easier for you to track what was actually sent when (not if) a parent calls to ask why his seventeenth e-mail (out of the eighty-two he sent) was not delivered.
Eighty-two per cent of HR professionals polled thought standardising the number of bank holidays across the European Union would increase the performance of their employees.
Eighty-two "offshore" insurers are doing business in Bahrain, along with 25 brokers and eight loss adjusters.
Eighty-two percent of LATIN TRADE subscribers reside in Latin America or the Caribbean.
Eighty-two percent of the total sample reported not always using condoms for sexual intercourse at age 21.
3; of these, one Missa and four Eroica symphonies appear on the Toscanini Collection of eighty-two CDs issued by RCA in 1992.
Eighty-two percent of these illnesses could be attributed to eating raw or undercooked eggs.